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  1. I check my physio to see injury prone players and set their training to Normal even if they wanted a heavier session, Yusuf Demir is a great wonderkid but is very injury prone and it does help his development a lot. And sending Youth Prospects to Affiliate team with great training facility is OP in FM21
  2. Thank you for the great idea, just offload Pique Busquets and Alba 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Hello, great tool, can you explain what these stats means? AbiDecision, AbiAthlete and Talent? And I can't find the Natural Fitness stat, is it not added to the mobile version of FM?
  4. Why dont Barca B players grow even after SI fixed the Offseason bug, Im a die hard Cule and its frustrating not able to develop Barca B players. And there's a bug with Ousmane Dembele when he suddenly doesn't know any Spanish despite his Spanish at the start of the save is Good, i deleted the save so no picture but it happened. Is assistant handle the training better than you do it yourself guys?
  5. Is ass man training better than you set up all the training individually? When can u set the training intensity to Intense without much injuries?