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  1. where can I download or buy a pre FMM 2018 editor? nowhere can I find him, he was released at all?
  2. sounds very interestingly, even I know with what team I will do this Challenge
  3. Good luck, you can Easy pass The Challenge
  4. a long time ago I wrote nothing, so time for suming seasons up third and fourth. In the third season we played very skilfully then again. A few defeats happened, but we won everything what mo knows was to win. The fourth season as somebody has already always noticed is most demanding. In the end then again we lost UCL.. With Real Madrid. It didn't do transfers without of course. Coutinho had tense relations with the half of competitors of the first composition and I decided to sell it, of also Henderson which less and less often has played, and Alex Oxlade was listed to other footballer Trend isn't able to return to form from the first season I tried many ways, but none brought effects. then again two average seasons in making it... Lemar two great seasons, much od Assist. I noticed the mistake in the game. In one that had meetings in his account five assist, Rasford two goals and it the young English was MOTM. as for Rashforda then again two good seasons(+/- 20 Assist per season) Arnold: 193games/37assist Lemar: 245games/162assist Rashford: 240games/85assist total: 284assist
  5. SEASON 2 I decided to change the form of describing the given season, since this way to the truth we are only interested in three footballers. From now little I will be writing about the season, and more about 'LAR' higher I already recalled answering BatiGoal I would like to have a team in the 80% English , I hope that we will join such a state. As can be seen there were few transfers, but two transfers in this season to the club these are Rashforda countrymen. Very interesting season... we lost six meetings only into 68 which we played. We won the league with the advantage of 17 points over Spurs, and in UCL the Real didn't give us Madrid of chances... winning 5:2. In the Carabao Cup we played with Reading 'LAR' our RB set me into fury. Plenty of meetings missed by the exaggerated sharpness in the game; and physic ally didn't also withstand in spite of the training to the condition for the entire season... However Lemar caught injuries in December where missed 7 matches. In 14 first meetings he got 22 Assist, later went out... Rashford held the equal form through all season, but has often been changed half of second-halves However I am pleased with footballers and I think that they will be able to beat over 400 assist Arnold:97games/24assist Lemar:120games/74assist Rashford:122games/40assist total assist:138assist
  6. I bought Rasfhforda because wants to have an English team in the 80%, unfortunately for him - I had to buy it, because other good striker from England - Kane was not for taking out. thanks ?
  7. Rashford is the third competitor forming the LAR triangle. let us start! SEASON 1 TRANSFERS: very much of transfers from the club, we will be playing with iron composition (max. of twenty footballers) COMPETITION two from four titles are finding their way to us, very good season we are defeating Leagues of Champions at the cup phase: Sporting Lisbon, Manchester City, Barcelona, and in the end other English team with which twice in the league we have lost in the league in my opinion doing 4 goals of the loss was the best meeting to United Manchester. Fates of the title only in the last railway were decided when United drew one's meeting "LAR" Arnold very often was changed, because his condition along with intensity of games didn't let meeting minutes after 90 the game in everyone. Lemar and Rashford played more. OTHER CURIOSITIES: Mo Salah is a wild beast as SS, remarkable footballer. to by continued..
  8. yes; it's Arnold and Lemar ? R - played śr English Premier League thanks thanks, i change tag ?
  9. Hello one of the users has recently successfully completed this challenge. I hope that I will succeed CLUB there could only be one choice! from my youth I'm a fan of the red part of Merseyside! YNWA! "LAR" this is a shortcut from the names of the players who will be the main heroes of this challenge. will some of you guess who it is? I suggest that one of the players is already in the Reds to by continued...
  10. Can I use an offensive midfielder (AMC) in this challenge?
  11. vaxik

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    its; a biggest win 11:0 @Kun Aguero
  12. vaxik

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    most assist by Player at one match Diego Jota - 4
  13. vaxik

    Liverpool way

    Official announcement: 1 June 2017 With the today Dawid Wojciechowski became a new manager of the team interview with the coach: 1 June 2017 14:00 Joyce Paul: how I am feeling you as the new manager of the team? Dawid Wojciechowski: for such moments it is worthwhile risking, I hope that I will fulfil hopes bent in me PJ: don't you think that Liverpool is attacking deep water? DW: Possible, the time will show everything. However the mind is telling, that to the best decision PJ: you see composition? Is he enough strong in order to compete at many fronts? Will some familiar surnames appear? DW: above all the market earlier is in order can talk to this subject. I must get to know every footballer both on the court as well as outside it. Only after some time I will be able to say something about the team. PJ: what expectations did the management board present with the current season? DW: Advance to the league competition of Champions at the next season, leaving the UCL group in this season and above all improvement in results with weaker teams meeting with footballers: 1 June 2017 17:00 DW: I welcome, how you already know starting from today together we will be cooperating. I would like to get to know you everyone individually, to create the very convivial atmosphere in the team based for frankness, understanding, friendship and a family atmosphere JH (Jordan Henderson): we will try along with the entire team to get to know you philosophy, to cooperate with the coach. However we have a question - you see rivalry on this many fronts? DW: Rotation, rotation and one more time rotation. Nobody is of steel in order to play something by sixty meetings in the season. For the beginning I am deleting nobody although I expect employing on trainings, but then everyone will have a chance to play FC Liverpool in such a large club he is which nobody although I expect employing on trainings, but then everyone will have a chance to play FC Liverpool in such a large club he is which JH: everything is clear. You could hear men, we are setting to work, everyone has from now to fill with writing the white sheet, with which he can with excellent achievements! end of day