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  1. Colwyn Bay

    Meh, so I am playing the BSP playoffs atm. Got 91 points and still didn't win the league. As well as that I have rejected a managerial offer from Grimsby for the third time now...
  2. Colwyn Bay

    >.> <.< >.>
  3. Colwyn Bay

    Season #02 Promotion! I'm happy to share this one. Awwwhh yea! Final League Position : 1st FA Cup: Qual.2 Great Wakering Rovers 2-3 Colwyn Bay Qual.3 Colwyn Bay 3-1 Guiseley Qual.4 Colwyn Bay 1-1 Bognor Regis Qual.4 Replay Bognor Regis 0-2 Colwyn Bay 1st Rnd Peterborough 4-2 Colwyn Bay FA Trophy: Qual.3 Colwyn Bay 1-2 Carshalton Transfers: Tony Capaldi - Free Simon Ramsden - Free Chris Shuker - Free Table: [1st]Colwyn Bay - Pts: 94 [2nd]Hyde - Pts: 90 [3rd]Stalybridge - Pts: 84 [4th]Gainsborough - Pts: 80 [5th]Chester - Pts: 72 [6th]Worcester - Pts: 64 Due to the device I'm using, I cannot take screenshots as of now, I just need to install a few apps and screenshots will be present! Well I'm pleased with this season. It was a bit of a struggle at times with Hyde, at one point I was eight points clear then soon after they were 10 points clear of me, but we played consistently and won the league.
  4. Colwyn Bay

    Where have you been bitch !
  5. Colwyn Bay

    This season I am playing through is quite impressive so far. I'm about half way through and we have been 5-0 or 6-0 up at half time on numerous occasions, we have been hammering teams. Can't wait to finish this season and post it up.
  6. Colwyn Bay

    Wow, didn't realise the squad was this bad. Definite changes coming in next season.
  7. Colwyn Bay

    Season #01 Well, so close, yet so far really. WHY!! Final League Position : 4th FA Cup: Qual.2 Horsham YMCA 1-0 Colwyn Bay FA Trophy: Qual.3 Dorchester 0-1 Colwyn Bay 1st Rnd Colwyn Bay 1-2 Salisbury Blue Sq. North Playoffs: Semi-Final L1 Colwyn Bay 1-1 FC Halifax Semi-Final L2 FC Halifax 2-2 Colwyn Bay (4-3 on Penalties) Table: [2nd]Stalybridge - Pts:79 [3rd]FC Halifax - Pts:78 [4th]Colwyn Bay - Pts:75 [5th]Altrincham - Pts:74 [6th]Nuneaton - Pts:74 [7th]Workington - Pts:65 Due to the device I'm using, I cannot take screenshots as of now, I just need to install a few apps and screenshots will be present! Well, as you know, I wanted promotion, but the start to the season was awful. I am glad we made the playoffs and I expect promotion next season.
  8. Colwyn Bay

    Ok guys, I'm going to switch this to a seasonly update. Updating this post every four games or so takes the fun out of playing, sorry
  9. Colwyn Bay

    September 2011, Season #01 Here's September. It's better, than last month, although that isn't hard :3 Awwh yeah, we won a game. Gloucester 0-3 Colwyn Bay (W) Colwyn Bay 2-3 Harrogate (L) Gainsborough 1-0 Colwyn Bay (L) Horsham YMCA 1-0 Colwyn Bay (FA Cup) (L) Table: [12th]Hyde - Pts:8 [13th]Harrogate - Pts:7 [14th]Colwyn Bay Pts:6 [15th]Histon Pts:3 [16th]Gainsborough Pts:6 [17th]Harrogate Pts:5 Due to the device I'm using, I cannot take screenshots as of now, I just need to install a few apps and screenshots will be present! It seems like promotion isn't possible this season, I will see.
  10. Colwyn Bay

    Haha, thanks mate, but that first month was awful xD!
  11. Colwyn Bay

    July & August 2011, Season #01 As July was made up on two games, both friendlies, I merged it into one post with August, here are the results. GIVE MEH THREE POINTS! Matlock 2-0 Colwyn Bay (L) Colwyn Bay 3-1 Hitchin (W) Eastwood 0-0 Colwyn Bay (D) Colwyn Bay 0-0 Vauxhall (D) Boston United 2-1 Colwyn Bay (L) Colwyn Bay 1-1 Histon (D) Table: [15th]Hinckley - Pts:3 [16th]Solihull Moors - Pts:3 [17th]Colwyn Bay Pts:3 [18th]Histon Pts:3 [19th]Gloucester Pts:3 ---------------- [20th]Harrogate Pts:2 Due to the device I'm using, I cannot take screenshots as of now, I just need to install a few apps and screenshots will be present! To round off, this team is harder than I expected. A challenge looms ahead.
  12. Colwyn Bay

    Colwyn Bay - Small club, big ambitions. 'Colwyn Bay F.C. are a Welsh football club, as of the 2011–12 season are playing in the Conference North. Nicknamed the Seagulls, the club play at Llanelian Road in Old Colwyn.' - Wikipedia. That's all about to change. 'I recall it now, thirty summers ago. I was sat inside, it was a glorious day of sunshine across the whole of the Welsh coast, but me being me, I decided to sit in, and watch Sky Sports News. I remember rolling text in the bottom corner announce a new manager for a team named Colwyn Bay, they were my local team. I had never had much interest in the at all, I mean, sure, I went now and again, but I wasn't really a supporter, you could even say that no-one really was. No-one ever thought that this man, 'Barnett' was anything important at all, after all, he was just a local man, he'd been a part time coach before and worked down the local garage. Word started picking up around town about the new season drew near. Season tickets were only £25 back then, 2011 it was. I purchased mine, surprised at the cheap price. I went to every single game for thirty years. Thirty whole years. But still, here I sit today. The legacy is over and our pride ruined. Oscar Barnett, has been shot dead. - Diary entry of a lifelong fan, 2041. Pre-Season, Season #01. Transfers: No transfers this pre-season, I want to see how the squad play together before making any changes, I literally have no idea of the qualities of any of these players. Expectations: The board want stay clear of relegation, so I'll do what they tell me . Budgets: £5,310 per week wage budget. £1,000 transfer budget. I'm rich. Well, this season, I hope to, ermmm, be promoted. Yeah, I said it. If I fail then you can all watch me facepalm as I endure another season in the bottom league of England. I'm not buying anyone, and If I make any free transfers I'll be sure to notify you. This is my first career on android, so go easy on me!