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  1. oformartins

    FMM18 Bug List

    I hv been stuck here in my save and it's very annoying bkus I started this save VCL... Whenever I try to reply the transfer it get stuck.... I can't pass and I hv restarted my phone severally still same issue
  2. oformartins

    Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    Do I have to start a new save each time I update the changes?
  3. First Name - martinzSecond Name - oforForum Name -oformartinsNationality -NigeriaDate of Birth (Month and Day only) -30 june Preferred Position (from List on main Page) - DMMCSecondary Position (if main is taken) - WBRLPreferred Role (it may change due to the game) - BBM WB
  4. oformartins

    Dominating games but not scoring!

    You are getting everything wrong . U just got promoted to EPL . Your style of play shouldn't be static but dynamic . The way you play at home shouldn't be the way you play away . And you shouldn't focus ur passing at the middle exile u r playing a 424 with 2 midfielders and 2 advanced midfielders . Toggle ur tactics to mixed passing, focus = mixed and rather Dan pressing when u r playing a balance formation u should bank on counter attack .
  5. oformartins

    Dominating games but not scoring!

    You can't play full backs while attacking with inside forwards it will leave ur attackers with few option and no width rather toggle ur tactics to Wing backs and see if the goals will start coming
  6. oformartins

    Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    Okay leme say . I'm pretty sure the reason . Why you don't have clean sheets is because of your tactics . Kus like some elite coaches will always say 'd best defends is to attack . I play " WB BPD CB WB" "BBM ADM " " IF ADM IF" P" at the end of each game my goalie has little or no shot to worry about
  7. oformartins

    Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    It was a headed goal. Sometimes they don't record headed goals as shorts