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  1. Yay I'm a left back - my real life position during my u19 times ! Nice
  2. I would help you out by letting you download it from my google play account. send me a PM
  3. I googled average and minimal salaries in Nigeria and it seems pretty expensive for you, that's a shame. Tactic looks immpresive tho!.
  4. Sadly I think you won't get much support here, but I might be eager to test it. I am also interested ow much would it cost for you to buy the game?
  5. The Libero (5-2-2-1) /OME

    Impossible scoring numbers for Belotti regarding its Serie A. I guess u have to have a world-class striker because he will get majority of chances. Very interesting tho, I may try it
  6. I would like to see your team as well, tactic looks really solid, someone should try it with bigger team (I would do it myself but I got tough period at college now)
  7. What about trying to play it safe to draws or 1-0 wins? (If its even possible in OME) I guess you don't really care much about that btw
  8. nice article, lookman is one to watch for sure, although I think if Tammy Abraham goes on loan to PL side (as it is rumoured) he would be a good shout as well
  9. offer them new contracts if you are able to afford it, and win as many trophies as you can. I guess signing some big name would help the morale of the team as well
  10. Robbie Keane - 1 Season 30 Goals?

    I would say a special training regime and playing him as a part of 3-striker formation (we all know that making formation with 2 strikers work is almost impossible) should help the case, as well as resting him properly - treat him just like youngsters!
  11. False 9

    Dybala as well
  12. 3-4-3 Help

    I played Kante as BBM (he got the traits) alongside Cesc in the middle of the park and he performed superbly, also got many many assists (15 I guess)
  13. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    it would make no sense, look at Suarez, Costa, Messi, Ronaldo etc., I guess positioning of all of them is below 10, but I believe its confusing because in the attribute is called positioning in FIFA series
  14. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    Nice simulation (although I have to say I see no point in them, cause AI managers tend do underperform every time), just one thing, positioning is a defensive attribute
  15. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Maybe you should get someone more selfish in AMC position (Ofc it might ruin the whole play, but still )