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  1. Hi all, I did ask this in general discussion but I’m curious as to which version of the game is the latest as some users are updating to 12.2.2 but I’m an iOS user and haven’t seen an update past 12.2.1. Thanks in advance
  2. Does the latest update continue into your current save or do you have to start a new game to get the benefits?
  3. Yeah tbf I rarely used the options of more than three subs but I’ve also started a second season and see it’s returned to 3! Thanks all
  4. Hi all, Does each league have its rules set to 5 subs for the entire game or only for a certain amount of seasons before it returns to 3?
  5. Hi all, Long time user and supporter of vibe and the great work you all do in supporting the FMM community! Question regarding tactical style. When initially clicking on the tactics screen the tactical style option came up but I clicked off it thinking I could return to it, however I’ve never been able to get it back since. Any help or support would appreciated
  6. This is the new way of taking penalties in real life. It’s called ABBA.
  7. I was so excited for Friday as it was. But this is brilliant!!! Love the MLS addition but most important for me is the ability to have multiple lower league loaded ??.
  8. They are the representatives from last season. Your Brisbane Roar team will qualify for the next years competition. It's how their season is run
  9. This is such a great career. Love seeing the updates
  10. Yeah I suppose so! Thanks will see what happens. Cheers Dec
  11. Hey guys! Loving the game and noticed that discipline is new to the manager profile. Mine seems to be dropping and I'm not sure what I can do to raise it? Thanks
  12. What news setting should it be set to in order to get the game to stop on these results??