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  1. Looks can be deceiving! Nah only kidding, generally a nice bunch here mate, welcome and enjoy.
  2. Site looks good, really liking it. Sorry if it's out of place, the title mislead me to thinking this was a feedback thread but all the bitching here has give me second thoughts.
  3. Barcelona players make a lot more passes over the course of a season than any United player. Their percentage has got to be near 90% completion rate. More passes with a slightly worse completion rate would have me believe they're on par. Barcelona just play much better football and win games in style rather than scraping past inferior teams. Did you know Messi is too damn good!
  4. The Rock beating Cena wasn't a surprise. WWE is a business and Vince knows in order to keep making the money he has from the Rock franchise, the peoples champ has to still cut it at the top. Cena is a walking talking advert in everyones face every time Raw airs on satelite tv, the Rock isn't. The once in a lifetime story was referring to the meeting at the grandest stage of them all. It wasn't the rock vs cena once in a lifetime as such, more rock vs cena at wrestlemania is once in a lifetime. Lesnars return is exciting for the old school fans, especially those old enough to remember how epic he was in his first stint. Anyone think the Raw crowd in Miami was especially loud, almost to the point of an attitude era crowd?
  5. I personally never spend my whole transfer budget, instead what I do is put whatever budget remains into the wage budget. Doing it the way I do I've found the board give you more money to spend as the seasons go on. Free Transfers and younger players means even with more money I have little need to spend anymore then I do in the first season, essentially I just keep ploughing money into the club whilst remaining competitive on the pitch.
  6. Haha you nutter. Thanks for the greeting Declan.
  7. Fell out of love with fmh. After getting an iPhone and finding the greatness of fmhi, I will be about posting once again.
  8. You mean the add and remove leagues feature? Where you can change which leagues are active at any point during your career? FMH is superb as it is, ok it needs a few changes to stop it being same old same old but if it keeps adopting stuff from the PC version than it won't be any different to the PC game after some time.
  9. Name: Dean Gould Year/Age: 1989/22 Position: GK CA: 132 PA: 178
  10. Cheers buddy, only if you're sure though.
  11. Can I get involved in this? Itching to spray some bars about the place.
  12. In all honesty I feel England have the toughest group, the other groups you know what to expect. England start off against the French, a team who outplayed us only a year ago and are on average younger, followed by the Swedish who we've never managed to beat in a competitive game. Should they go tits up we go into the last game playing one of the hosts on their own turf, hostile crowds and huge motivation. It's by no means settled England will actually qualify. Ireland for me are dark horses, no real star names on the team sheet but they do have a team spirit about them. Trappatoni is also a trump card, master of getting things right on the day. It took a hand ball to stop him taking the Republic to the last World Cup remember.
  13. Leandro Damiao (Internacional).