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  1. But...it wouldn't, it really wouldn't make the game any slower. Your phone not being able to handle 3d could be slower, but the actual processing would be largely unaffected.
  2. I would be absolutely amazed if the majority of mobile devices would be unable to handle a 3d engine. Especially with the rise of multicore devices, then it really oughtn't affect processing speed in general, even if it itself is pretty slow.
  3. Series What's changed?

    Oh, I didn't realise the 15 version had been released already haha. In terms of the game, the version when they added player roles was the one I enjoyed the most thanks to its super-fast gameplay, and the interface from 10 was my favourite, so I'm not sure how it'll stack up with that. 15 got a new game engine again? That sounds awesome so long as it's not as slow as you described last years as having been. Also, do you know if regens are still a thing? That was an big annoyance I used to have.. Thanks for responding!
  4. Series What's changed?

    Honestly I'm just procrastinating my revision, so I decided to stick my nose in here for the first time in a while. I don't think I've bought this since 2012 or '13, so.. From what I remember the interface has been getting progressively more cluttered, is this still the case? What about player generation, is that still based off regens? Should I be waiting for '15 or buy the '14 version? Anyway, this site is definitely looking fancier, that's for sure!
  5. Series Why piracy is restricting FMH

    Probably not a lot more, the average piracy rate you see quoted is 1 good copy to 10 pirated copies. If the computer version has the average piracy rate rates are fairly similar between it and Android.
  6. Series Why piracy is restricting FMH

    I just checked, FMH requires 320x480 screen, that phone has a 320x480 screen...
  7. Series Why piracy is restricting FMH

    You can get cheap, budget Android phones such as this. At this sort of price then FMH ends up being over 15% of the price of the phone which is a significant percentage (for comparison, if you had an iPhone then it would be percentage wise about equivalent to a £100 app). At this point then claiming that if you can afford a phone you can afford FMH is kinda...ignorant(?). Whilst this obviously is not an excuse for pirating the game it gives people the kind of motivation to (especially when you consider that two versions are likely released during the lifespan of your phone, if not more changing up to 30%. .......I'm doing homework right now so I'll edit and finish this post later......
  8. Series Why piracy is restricting FMH

    From a developer's point of view, pirating a game and telling your friends about it is better than not buying it at all? I'm not saying I endorse piracy, but just because someone pirates something, doesn't mean their friends will - that is a fairly far-fetched assumption. So if someone wasn't planning on buying the game anyway, it's surely better that they pirate the game and essentially advertise it? Which is exactly what that Bulletproof Outlaws guy was saying if you scroll down to the piracy section. If a person who pirates the game recommends it to their friends there is a decent chance their friend won't pirate the game themselves, and even if they do there is no loss as they probably wouldn't have bought the game before hand - let alone potentially advertise further it via word of mouth opening up the door for more honest people to want to purchase the game.
  9. Series Why piracy is restricting FMH

    Dec, as an iTunes user then I'm fairly certain that at some point or another you will have breached an EULA within the last few years - Apples EULA's are often full of absurd clauses Anyway, on the topic of piracy then I always paste the same two links: Bulletproof Outlaws 2D Boy Both are indie-game developers, one is a tad more renowned than the other. Both of them come to the same conclusion that piracy has a tiny effect on the success of the game - as 2D Boy points out (the developers of World of Goo) then research shows that only 1 in every 1000 pirated copies translates into a real world sale. Or, as concluded by Bulletproof Outlaws (a tiny indie-developer who now sells his soul to work for other indie outfits) the pirate users give you another method of advertising your game by massively increasing the number of users over what you'd have in a non-pirate world. Whilst piracy is obviously not ideal, you should also consider that piracy can (perhaps ironically) help boost a game and make it more successful, and that let's be honest - it's not something that's ever going to go away and as these guys are showing most DRM is just annoying to genuine consumers and doesn't significantly increase sales figures at all. Oh, and sorry about this post being a week after yours, I hadn't checked the forums in a while, but felt that you'd find these blog posts interesting anyway
  10. Off Topic World Football

    As good as Henry's goal in MLS was, it doesn't come close to Ibrahimovics goal back in November, definitely not the goal of the decade the commentator claimed
  11. [Now Hiring] Creative Coder

    I know all that stuff* ^^ Working on my own web app projects over the summer though sorries *Except Invision experience
  12. Hidden stats/stats

    I was on about compression, but not tarballs, the kind I am on about takes not to no processing power; in fact it takes less power to turn 01011010 into 5 and 10 than it does to do 3+5. The multi league was not what I was talking about and the issue for it was not how data is stored. Anyway, as I have previously stated then my experiment is to see just how fast this stuff can run (answer should be very). Most phones are now becoming multi-core - you can dedicate a core to generating these things without slowing down the rest of the game in anyway shape or form. How do you know marc has thought about all these things? I find that very unlikely anyway - there will always be things you haven't thought of. Do you not want newgens or something? I don't understand why you are so negative towards them despite me frequently expressing technical feasibility in the issue.
  13. Hidden stats/stats

    And what evidence do you have for it taking up heaps of space? Like I said, my aim was to see what kind of results could be gathered in the smallest memory footprint possible - Also do you realise just how small you can compress stuff? The smallest amount of data storage possible is a byte, you can't store stuff smaller than that without wasting space. That means that anything less than 256 wastes space. If I want to store something being true or false I need to store all of the following: True: 00000001 False: 00000000 All of those 0's take space on the computer but only one is doing anything. This means, in essence, that 8 things can be stored taking up just as much space as storing 1 thing (if these things are true/false variables). Anything up to the number 7, you can store two of those without wasting space: Number 0: 00000000 Number 7: 00001111 So, if you set it up right, you could store the number 3 and 5 as following: 00111001 Or, you could do it the way that most people see it being stored and take up twice as much space: 00000011 00001001 Notice how that takes up twice the space? What you're seeing is storing stuff the second way - lot's of simple things (like a player template, for example) taking up lots of space when it could in fact take up a fraction of what you thought before. Let's take a very simple template for example - we'll have 5 values which are they are either low, ok, good or superstar at. Let's store 8 templates initially, and the 5 values will be: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Heading and General Ability We could store it as.. Template 1 Dribbling: 00000011 Passing: 00000010 Shooting: 00000001 Heading: 00000000 General Ability: 00000011 We'd have 8 templates all taking up this much space. Let's store these templates in a more sensible way; taking up a total of 10bytes for 8 templates, instead of the previous 40bytes for 8 templates we were looking at before: Dribbling: 00110110 01011100 Passing: 10101100 01001011 Shooting: 10001111 10110011 Heading: 00001100 01101000 General Ability: 11111000 01101010 Notice how we can store 8 templates worth of information into two bytes just for one variable? We would be wasting space having 7 templates this way, the extra one template is basically free. If I were to utilise methods such as this I would be able to keep a relatively low memory footprint, and this is what I intend to experiment with - to see what trade-offs can be made. Please don't tell me what can and can't be done until I've finished fiddling and have found out, because you haven't experimented yourself as far as I know to find out for yourself... (if you have, accept my apologies ) Many of the 'issues' are simply non-issues when you delve deeper.
  14. Hidden stats/stats

    And a common argument against newgens being created is that it takes to much memory and processing power to generate that (although now most phones are multicore, processing power shouldn't be an issue as you can dedicate a core to it), if my small experiment doesn't take a huge amount of memory to run then it shouldn't be inconceivable for marc to also be able to make a generator running in low memory - especially as he's been programming longer than I have and has more experience with this stuff. Using the randomiser - you'll still recognise most of the regens once they've..regened anyway.. Not what I'm trying to achieve.
  15. Hidden stats/stats

    ... It's obviously possible to make newgens as it exists in the computer version of the game, and it should be possible to procedurally do the vast majority of tasks in the world, especially so if the algorithm is genetic. The main point of this though for me to test how fast it is and what kind of tradeoffs can be gained with memory usage and realism (speed and memory usage are intrinsically linked here, fast will be less memory - less variables being pushed around etc.) in order to not have to have the annoying regens all the time. Then some statistical analysis can be carried out to see how it compares with the real players in the game. In marc's own words, the real players: off option doesn't generate newness.