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  1. payrecnides

    Victor Benitez

    but he's young lol...he should be spotted lol
  2. payrecnides


    just like the 4-2-3-1 formation...u just need to take ur wing back player and place him on wing back position.
  3. payrecnides


    Playing as Cardiff in my 5th season now.
  4. payrecnides

    2012 Victor Benitez

    As I was searching for a creative player for my midfield, this guy turns up in my search result. Name : Victor Benitez Age : 17 yrs old Role : Defensive Midfielder Club : Union San Felipe Cost : 200k Pros His all rounded stats makes him a good BBM? The opinion is yours to figure it out. Cons So far I can't see his weakness apart from not getting picked up by the Chile national team during his days in Union. But that's just my opinion...
  5. payrecnides


    He took 2 seasons in my save for him to adapt in Premier League...now he's banging goals like crazy Plays for Cardiff, i'm sure he can live up to that expectations...though you might wanna keep an eye on his contract demands lol
  6. payrecnides

    2012 2-2-2-3-1

    Team Instruction: Mentality: Attacking / Balance Passing: Mixed Tackling:Normal Pressing:Yes / No Offside Trap:Yes/ No Counter Attack:Yes / No Men Behind Ball: No Player Instructions: Passing: All Team Tackling: DML, DMR, MC, MC ( Commited ) Rest team Pressing: GK, DC's, FC ( No ) Rest Yes Pass To: All R/L/C Set Pieces (A): DC's, MC's, AML, AMR, AMC, FC ( Forward ) Rest back Set Pieces (D): AML, AMR ( Normal ) AMC, FC ( Forward ) Rest back Free Role: All No Forward Runs: GK, DC's ( No ) Rest yes Run With Ball: GK, DC's, FC ( No ) Rest yes Hold Up Ball: FC ( Yes ) Rest no Long Shots: GK, DC's, FC ( No ) Rest yes Through Balls: GK, DC's, FC ( No ) Rest yes Cross Ball: DML, DMR, AML, AMR, AMC ( Yes ) Rest no Marking: DC's, DML, DMR ( Man ) MC's ( Zonal ) Rest none vs a 4-5-1 shot/mixed passing team, tweak to balance mentality with no pressing. vs a 4-4-2 / 4-3-3 short/mixed passing team, tweak to attacking with pressing I've tested this tactic for a season now and won me the FA CUp and CC. Right now, I'm 1 point behind Man City with 2 draws and 2 losses. I'll post my end result after this season ended.
  7. payrecnides

    conceding goals all the time

    how do you go up against a 4-4-2 defensive with a 4-5-1?
  8. payrecnides

    How to create a Box to Box Midfielder

    I found a young player by the name of Victor Benitez, he's only 18 and his stats is amazing! Born Chilean and his role is a DM (Centre)... I just wondered if he can be a good BBP...cause his stats is almost similar to Busquets
  9. payrecnides

    Darren Randolph

    I tried to buy him for Cardiff, and in my game his value is 700k...i offered him for 3m and Motherwell wouldn't sell him lol. I just had to have him in my team >.<
  10. payrecnides

    The Bhoys

    No doubt Celtic has a very good youth players. Which is why I'm playing them right now.
  11. payrecnides

    Skittle Vodka

    Skittle Vodka? Uhm, ya sure. How many shots we're saying?
  12. payrecnides

    Playing Players Out Of Position

    I never thought if this in any matter. IMO, I'd look at their played position which is natural and accomplished, hence would try to play him in his accomplished position. Though, by looking at this topic...I would have said the same thing . I did an experiment according to what was being said here and turns out that he plays well but his form never got to 8. Would it take sometime? Would he learn a new position? I don't know.
  13. payrecnides

    Le 4-3-3

    Draw, Win, Win. I almost lost vs Dunfernline but had a last minute screamer by Hooper. Eventually that match was my first draw of that season.
  14. payrecnides

    Le 4-3-3

    Finished my 1st season with Celtic. Here is the review Unbeaten for a whole season. Couple of matches that almost killed me which ended up in a draw. *sigh of relief* I just don't know what to say. To me, it's my first time achieving this. Sensational.
  15. payrecnides

    Hal Robson-Kanu

    He wasn't in 11 :huh:. He was amazing for me in 11 with Celtic.