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  1. Seems to have dropped off a bit for me, has there been an update? Still doing ok but not winning every game.
  2. Best tactic Ive ever tried, unbeaten in league in first season with it. Well Done.
  3. Nice read and everything said here sums up why I dumped PC version for the last few years. I wish however it was possible to create your own fixtures, esp for pre season.
  4. Scherzzo

    FMM18 Bug List

    When you select an nationality to start a game and make a mistake you cant go back and change it before you set up the game, however you can change other options
  5. Sorry Dec can you give me a step by step. Sorry I know it's probably blaringly obvious but I cant figure it out!
  6. Need some help here. I'm trying to swap manager for chelsea and i'm getting a message saying "Can not swap international manager, swap failed" What am I doing wrong?
  7. Scherzzo

    The Irish King

    Come on bray wanderers
  8. Scherzzo

    8-1-1 Tactic

    I used this for a while and worked a charm. I play with defensive wingers. Dont concede much but dont score much either. Prone to a couple of hammerings per year also but overall very good
  9. Scherzzo

    The Unlockables

    Hi all. How do I get the no work permits unlockable? It says to sign players that require work permits but the thing is I cant. When I try to sign a player the deal falls through and they dont sign cause I cant get the work permit. I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong
  10. Scherzzo


    I'm using Varane as a sweeper in my team and works very well. have two CTR's in front of him.
  11. Scherzzo

    Box to Box Mid for Man United?

    I second Lars Bender. gives yous solids 8's every match
  12. I'm finding it very difficult to win matches now since the new update. Have tried a few different tactics but not doing so well with the top teams. I would beat man utd 4-0 then lose to norwich 2-0 with chelsea.