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  1. I have an actual half brother and there is no reason to bring that up. I explained why and it was very personal so I didn't expect to be mocked for it.
  2. Hello FMHvibe (again) I have been playing FMH 13 on a mates iPod and will be getting it myself soon. So I decided I would join you all again. Some of you may remember me some of you won't. I will hope to return with a bang.
  3. Mysterion


    Good luck to both of you
  4. Fixed And yeah I don't rate any of there signings bar Podolski but he couldn't do anything as the only above par player at Koln
  5. Back on topic here is my table 1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Man United 4.Liverpool 5. Newcastle 6. Sunderland 7. Spurs 8. Arsenal 9. Fulham 10. Villa 11. Everton 12.Reading 13.Southampton 14. Wigan 15. West Ham 16. Stoke 17. West Brom 18.Q.P.R. 19 Swansea 20. Norwich
  6. Jay at some point you said that Fergie won't take the Prem's top scorer and put him on the bench. Well if I'm not mistaken he did just that with Berbatov. And on the point of Hernandez I think he'll no matter where he is be up there in 5 years as the best poacher in the world. I think he is a simply phenomenal talent. I though he was the thing that pushed united over the edge in 2010/11 and the thing that you were missing last year and if I was abrahmovic I would be in that bidding war for him as I think he can get gametime at Chelsea and who-ever ends up with him will be very lucky
  7. As you dumped me as the PSP player I'll help with iOS
  8. I'm like the worst player to join so far Rafa your going to have to create a new category for me as I'm not top seeded and not a dark horse
  9. Paddy Barnes is a boxer who lives a few streets away from me and he won Bronze in Beijing. He also trains upstairs in the youth club I go to and I have talked to him once
  10. It was a crap joke I specialise in those. Though normally I'm told to get my coat and get out, but I know you would never say that jay
  11. I just recently started playing this again my online name is kevo99_ard add me mate. Though I am totally useless