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  1. seanku

    Football Manager 2016 (PC) Giveaway

    things have not being going well for me for this year (studying plus working) and the only thing keeping me distracted is FMM16 this game would really help as i wont need to pay for it i want the game
  2. is there one where u don't have to put england as primary
  3. seanku

    FMH 2015 Pre Game Editor

    i got some probs i use winebottler to open this.. when i load my database. the app just stop i cant click annything HELP
  4. seanku

    Ajax: Dominate Europe with Youngsters

    Wow winning the champions league with ajax... Nice one. May I know what tactic you are using and what match engine
  5. seanku

    Nick Powell

    How much can he be brought for
  6. seanku

    Ken's 433 new match engine

  7. seanku

    Playable international teams

    Is there any way we can manage Germany
  8. seanku

    Bilal Basacikoglu

    Can he be train as a striker Im trying to find world class wingers to play in the FL OR FR as a inf
  9. seanku

    Playable international teams

    can't manage germany?
  10. seanku

    3-3-2-2 My Tactic

    Tbh I find that the new engine sucks it's really unrealistic and so hard. You can lose to a stupid club
  11. seanku

    3-3-2-2 My Tactic

    Which match engine are u using
  12. so if i were to put the barca kit in the file. all my saves will only have barca?