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  1. I won the league It was a lower league but I'm still happy going to knock Kyle of his throne
  2. Zenionia is a great game for RPG's
  3. I'm doing the Junior Cert this year as well. It's good to see other Irish members Oops my History exam is on the same day
  4. I'm doing the Junior Cert this year as well. It's good to see other Irish members
  5. I was offer a job with them around that time and they had a €120 million budget with a big wage budget
  6. Well I'm 15 and was born on July 7th so let's see does anyone share my birthday
  7. But if you think about it if you get the Barcalona job after the first season you will get more money
  8. Manager : Martin O'Neill GoalKeeper -Tim Howard Defender - Bruno Martins Indi Midfielder - Toni Kroos Attacker - James Wilson
  9. It's like FMH , United can dominate possession but can't score
  10. Yes but only in FMH2012 as a sub TPBM is excited for The Avengers Age Of Ultron
  11. No I really wish Kloop didn't leave (as a neutral) TPBM has a car
  12. I think we are being linked with Cavani but that is all I heard
  13. Club Full Name (Doesnt have to be ur forum name) -Inazuma Eleven Club Short Name -IXI Club Status (Professional,Semi Pro,Amateur) -Professional Stadium Capacity (100-125,000) - 92,500 Training Facilities (1-20) -20 Club Reputation (100-10000) -8000 Home Background Color -Blue Home Text Color - Yellow Away Background Color -White Away Text Color -Blue Club Logo (link an image for ur club logo) -
  14. It's important that if you have an IPhone 6 you will need to edit the files to suit your screen size and then edit the name. Sorry if I can't explain this well it should be clear in IFile
  15. Cardiff 2-0 Bournemouth Wigan 2-1 Fulham