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  1. First Season Update It seems a hard task scoring 30 goals against each team but i'm sure Dolberg is up to the task and is able to pull something out the bag. Transfers: Arsenal: Bournemouth: Burnley: Chelsea: Crystal Palace: Hull: Leicester City: Liverpool: Manchester City: Manchester United: Middlesbrough: Southampton: Stoke: Sunderland: Swansea: Tottenham: Watford: West Brom: West Ham: Table: With Burnley, Sunderland and Hull all being relegated, it'll be an even harder task for scoring all 30 goals against these 3 unless they manage to come straight back up. Dolberg Awards: Top goalscorer in the Premier League and runner-up for PLPOTY isn't bad for an 18 year old. Dolberg: Season Overview: tl;dr Tally after First season - Arsenal - 1 Bournemouth - 1 Burnley - 1 Chelsea - 1 Crystal Palace - 3 Hull City - Leicester City - 2 Liverpool - 2 Manchester City - Manchester United - Middlesbrough - 3 Southampton - Stoke City - 1 Sunderland - 2 Swansea City -1 Tottenham Hotspur - 1 Watford - 2 West Brom - 1 West Ham -
  2. Hi guys, so this thread is going to be about @mcandrew003's Premier League Talisman Challenge. Here's a link if you want to read up on it yourself. But basically, the challenge is to choose a Striker and have them bang 30 goals in against each of the current BPL clubs when the game is loaded, you can either choose to be a BPL team and settle for only scoring against 19 of the clubs, or spend a season getting a team promoted from the Championship. I chose the former, and thus my Talisman career began with me choosing to manage Everton, as i felt they had enough funds for a striker with the potential to complete this challenge after i had sold their current star striker, Romelu Lukaku. With Lukaku sold i looked at my options and which players were interested in joining, after roughly 10 minutes of deciding i found the striker i believe could very well do this, welcome to Everton, Kasper Dolberg.
  3. Alright, will look around and think about who to be, what proof in screenshots are you looking for? I don't think i'll be making a thread on it due to not really knowing how best to make one etc. @mcandrew003
  4. Real quick before i try and start this, would starting as a BPL team be alright? Or for the challenge being all 20 BPL teams will it have to be a Championship team being promoted?
  5. leo memories uh? Thanks i admit it was pretty easy with Neymar..
  6. It was a Great Story :'( i loved it
  7. Arsenal-Season 1-Review Best Player-Robin Van Persie Premier League-Winners! FA Cup-Winners! League Cup-Quarter Finalists! Champions League-Winners! No screenshot as its not really important I just need to win the League Cup next season
  8. I tryed using my Tablets Camera but the stats were all blurry
  9. I cant take screenshots on my PSP -.- How do i do it?
  10. Arsenal-Season 1-January-February-March-April-May Line Up: GK:Mandanda DL:Santos DR:Kaboul DC:Vermaelen DC:Jones MC:Vidal MC:Fellaini MC:Arteta FC:Van Persie FC:Gameiro FC:Giroud Matches (H) PRM Wigan 2-1 (Gameiro x1 Van Persie x1) (A) FA Leicester 3-4 (Van Persie x2 Vidal x1 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Liverpool 2-1 (Giroud x1) (H) PRM Newcastle 6-0 (Giroud x2 Fellaini x1 Van Persie x2 Sagna x1) (A) FA Crystal Palace 0-0 (H) FA Crystal Palace 6-3 (Ramsey x1 Fellaini x4 Van Persie x1) (A) PRM Bolton 2-4 (Van Persie x1 Fellaini x1 Gameiro x1 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Man City 1-1 (Van Persie x1) (H) PRM West Brom 1-0 (Arteta x1) (A) FA Hull 2-0 (Giroud x1 Santos x1) (H) CL Valencia 2-0 (Giroud x2) (H) PRM Wolves 4-0 (Gameiro x1 Van Persie x1 Fellaini x1 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Man Utd 1-0 (H) FA Southampton 4-1 (Ramsey x1 Vermaelen x1 Wilshere x1 Gameiro x1) (A) CL Valencia 3-2 (Giroud x2) (H) PRM Stoke 3-0 (Gameiro x2 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Tottenham 0-1 (Vermaelen x1) (A) CL Trabzonspor 0-1 (H) PRM Swansea 2-0 (Giroud x2) (H) CL Trabzonspor 3-0 (Van Persie x1 Ramsey x1 Arteta x1) (N) FA Q.P.R. 3-0 (Benayoun x1 Jones x1 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Norwich 0-5 (Van Persie x1 Kaboul x1 Fellaini x1 Giroud x1 Vidal x1) (H) PRM Chelsea 2-1 (Van Persie x1 Giroud x1) (H) CL Shaktar 2-0 (Vermaelen x1 Giroud x1) (A) PRM Blackburn 0-3 (Fellaini x1 Giroud x1 Van Persie x1) (A) PRM Everton 1-4 (Giroud x3 Wilshere x1) (N) FA Liverpool 2-1 (Giroud x2) (N) CL Real Madrid 2-0 (Ramsey x2)