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  1. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Not gonna happen in the way you talk about. Real Life competition rules prevents that, due to conflict of interest. The nearest we may get to that would be Parent/Feeder Clubs. Now... I would love to see more statistics, finances, focus on rivalries, maybe Reserve/Youth Team Football. More focus on finances, I would love to know what money the club is making from competition bonuses, season tickets, tv revenue etc. Also when it comes to stadium expansion, I would prefer if it was done over a certain amount of time rather than instantaneously, which takes me to my next wish, not every stadium can be expanded, so when a club outgrows it's current ground, the ability to ask the board to build a new stadium would be cool.
  2. Another honourable mention is Forest Green Rovers after years of trying to get out the Conference, they have finally made the Football League
  3. Chat Many people done this before?

    Im guessing that is probably the earliest any can be won... Wonder if there is a case of earlier league wins
  4. Tactics Juventus 5-3-2

    OME or EME?
  5. Chat Many people done this before?

    Out of interest, how early did you win the league in your invincible seasons? I have only done it twice once with Rangers on FMH13 and Darlington on FMM17 both times I won the League in February.
  6. Help Resetting unlockables

    How does it work Alari? I managed to copy game.cfg onto my S6 from Tablet and it gave me what I already unlocked... Is it linked to a specific save, so when I copy game.cfg and load the save I got the unlocks on, the game recognises that as the save I got the unlocks
  7. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Well said Dec... Dont know what is going with Jay at the moment, nor do I want to, it is none of my business. Whatever is going on, lets remember Jay has a life away from FMM, probably has work and a family that takes up his time. Sorry if this is put across wrong, but if people want a save editor so badly, go and learn yourselves how to do it. Jay does this in his own time off his own back and works hard to make sure his product is the best it can be
  8. Chat Greatest Achievements

    What happened there was, was the autosave, I dont tend to keep my main saves up to date a lot of the time, if I went back on the main save, I would have went back a few months...when I am doing more than one thing on my phone, i.e. posting on here, checking facebook and playing FMM, the game cuts out and reloads...I was not going to go that far back only to lose my biggest achievement 😝 So while technically it is reloading, I wont intentionally reload, it would make me look like a right tit in the end and I certainly dont need a game to show how much of a tit I can be at times...
  9. Chat Biggest win in AI v AI

    Had a few 8-0, 9-0 in the FA Cup and 10-1 against Port Vale in the League and also been on the wrong end of a 9-1 defeat as Darlington after drawing Liverpool in the FA Cup. In International Football it can be quite easy to rack up a double digit hammering, especially in Europe against teams like San Marino, Andorra, Liechtenstein among others
  10. Chat Greatest Achievements

    Nope...I never reload a save, which is why I said I never did it by cheating, if I wanted to cheat I would not have posted the achievement...It is not how I play the game and not something I condone All I had was Sugar Daddy and I didn't use to buy world class players, opting for young players from similar level teams and free tansfers who may turn out to be a saleable asset i.e. Harvey Saunders, Roland Sallai, Jordy Hiwula, Anton Rodgers at cheapish enough prices to develop and sell on, so put most of my SD boost into the wage budget and keep a lot of profit till I reach the Championship which can be tricky to get promotion out of. Anyway, here is hoping for a good Europa League Campaign.
  11. Help Resetting unlockables

    I do agree with that to an extent, when I start lower league saves I tend to use part of an SD boost to buy cheap players, develop them over a couple of seasons to sell on, at which point I keep the majority of that money back till I reach The Championship.
  12. What is your greatest victories and achievements in the game. For me, it has to be my quite unique treble with Met Police... League One Champions, Checkatrade Trophy and FA Cup I beat Man City in the Quarters 4-3 on Penalties Man Utd 3-1 at Wembley in the Semis And Arsenal in the Final after an epic 13-12 Penalty Shootout I have not cheated to achieve this, I only use Sugar Daddy and Unlockables I earned, as always I bought the Youth Academy unlockable which I buy on every save anyway, gotta keep SI in money and I have spent a lot of 79p's on Youth Academies and Sons 😀 And it is not like I had a top class team, I had Munir on loan from Barcelona, Reece Burke from West Ham, I had Lee Cattermole and Ryan Gauld on big wages, but my star player was Stephen Thompson who I bought for 28k from Darlington. I regard it to be a complete fluke... The following season, Chelsea turned me over in the Community Shield. I mainly used the following tactic As achievements go, this is probably my greatest, I never set out to be a third tier cup winner, the aim of my game was to buy players on the cheap who I could turn into saleable assets till I got to the Championship. I am trying to write it up as a career thread, but I aint having much joy. Over to you guys, what is you guys biggest achievements.
  13. Chat Same opponents multiple times

    Normally happens with the Old Firm that
  14. Chat Same opponents multiple times

    Just one of those things Atari... I remember Liverpool, at one time, seemed to get Chelsea a lot in all competitions, especially the champions league
  15. Help Resetting unlockables

    Disregard my last post... I sorted it once I rebooted my phone and game