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  1. Chat Passing styles

    I always understood direct passing to be getting the ball into attacking positions as quick as possible as @NucleusNT just said
  2. Help Kindle Fire HD 10 & FMM 2018?

    . I aint on about cleaning Foxy 😉
  3. Help Kindle Fire HD 10 & FMM 2018?

    Will the offer of certain favours in a certain department not be enough to convince her 😝
  4. Chat OME vs EME

    Thats a reason I like it too, it goes back to the days of Champ Manager 97/98, the game I wasted my last year in school playing. Do you remember the old days of manual scoreboards, with the alphabet, each letter corresponded to another match, which was printed on the back of the matchday programme...How I miss those days, going to Roker Park, wide open Roker End getting soaked and eating pies that had been superheated at Sellafield 😁
  5. Help Problems regarding OME

    I have found the OME more difficult this year, but for me, it is down to the new tactics system I think. I may move onto the EME at some point and see how I go with that
  6. Chat OME vs EME

    I play OME, for quickness and speed
  7. Help New Stadiums

    I think 8 years is fine for me, but I dont mind paying £1.99 if I needed to. Heres a screenshot...Both in the Store and Achievements
  8. Chat Tactics

    Was just something I was thinking about... I spend a lot of time on buses and was thinking of something to do when sat on buses, and when Missus Fozz is playing Resident Evil on the xbox 😀 Wont make any promises, but I will see what I can knock up
  9. Chat Major flop in Fmm18

    I agree with you on that one mate, I have played Keepers and Defenders up front and they manage to score goals now and again. Though I would say something was wrong if he was playing a keeper up front and he was consistently scoring
  10. Chat Tactics

    Good Point @Ashez I was thinking about getting each tactic, replicating them in my current save, saving the tactic and uploading them w/credit to the original poster, providing I had permission of course
  11. Chat Tactics

    What would it take to do it Foxy...it is ok to call ya Foxy aint it, lol
  12. Help New Stadiums

    I never realised it could be unlocked as an achievement...You can buy it as an IAP as well for £1.99
  13. Help New Stadiums

    So now we have the chance to build new stadiums, with the new stadium being an in-app purchase, would building a new ground have much impact on in-game finances?
  14. Chat Tactics

    Was just wondering... I see there is now an index for Articles and Challenges. Would it be possible to have an index for tactics at some point
  15. Off Topic Who are your favourite footballers

    Wainy was a left midfieler mate, normally out wide... Was not bad on FM and I even used him as far back as 97/98 when he could be picked up for peanuts from Wrexham. We have always had decent lower league players on FM/FMM... Rob Ramshaw back in the 2012 game was canny as was Joe Tait in 2014(He had left us for Gateshead) amd recently David Ferguson. Even our players with low stats have done a job for me, who I made reliable with the right tactic amd training, namely Stephen Thompson, Mark Beck and Harvey Saunders. But in FMM17 David Ferguson became a reliable player for me in my Met Police save, staying with me till I packed in playing it