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  1. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM 20

    I would like to see... Reserves/Youth Teams, Both club and International Statistics i.e. Average Attendance Focus on Rivalries in the run-up to Derby Games or big Rivalry Games i.e. El Clasico, Man Utd/Liverpool, North London, Merseyside In-Depth Finances, would love to know how much Coin my club is making and what it is spending More backroom roles i.e. Director of Football, also National Team Backroom Roles Too Pick our own Friendlies More Save Slots English and Scottish Lower Leagues, Steps 3-6 in England and Highland/Lowland League in Scottish, maybe being able to run lower leagues by sacrificing a Slot in the setting of your save, so although you would be able to still start a save with 4 nations, if a certain countries Lower Leagues were loaded, you would not have the chance to run another Nation on that specific save (not going to happen, but a dude can dream) A Stand-Alone Pre-Editor App, possibly for PC, so we can create our competitions and League Systems (Another massive longshot) High End Phones are so powerful these days, and most have them, I bet they have the spec possible to run old versions of FMPC. I am unsure if I will get the game this year, see how I feel once it is released, I have not played the game as much for the 2 instalments, the last FMM I was totally hooked on was FMM 15. Although I say that, I will most likely buy it at some point.
  2. Fozz_Quaker

    Off Topic My Blog

    Hope it is alright to do this. I suffer from Mental Health Problem m&s and hoping to get diagnosed with ADHD in about 10 days time, I have been writing about it for about a year now, A Frank, Honest, Insight into what it has done to Me, how I have turned out the way I have. Quite simply, I want to tell my story in the hope that somebody can take something from it. If anyone would like a read, the address is:- A Chunk of Life Many Thanks Guys
  3. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    Hi Foxy, apologies for taking months to answer you, I don't come on the site as often as I used to. I normally play at least one Cheat Game on every edition of the game, where I would play with known cheats in the game, and the editor is great for that. I usually dedicate a whole career to it, and use it to experiment, see how far I can push the game. I play with what if scenarios, I.e. What if some of the world's best players played for, say, San Marino in International Football, what if The Top 10 European Football suddenly went bankrupt, What if teams in unplayable leagues suddenly got very rich, how long would it take for them to consistently do well in playable leagues and also what would happen if a National League N/S won the F.A Cup. I dont sit and play it for hours on end, as, you say, it would get boring, so I come back to it every now and again. On my normal saves, I use it mainly for changing my strips
  4. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    @Foxy Great Guide Mate Whatever the rights and wrongs of the editor, I do buy it every year, I always buy all the IAP's. I use it quite a bit in most of my saves, my main use of it is to change my kits every season, in my current save, I am playing as the team I support, Darlington, I am about to enter my 4th season and have changed my kit every season and change the style of my home top every other season. I also use it for, and in my eyes, it's a bit of a cheat, but if I want to re-train a player and he won't adapt to retraining, I will just go in the editor and add the position I want the guy to play. I also dedicate one save to an Ultimate Cheat Save, which gets heavily edited
  5. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM2019 - 2008/09 DB

    What did you use to make this??? Edit:- Just seen, Changes.txt, lol
  6. Fozz_Quaker

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Those are unfortunate names. While not unusual names, in the past, Eddie Edwards and Norman Fletcher have popped up as regens in my games. Eddie Edwards obviously after The Eagle and Norman Fletcher for the fact he was a better custodian than the famous Ronnie Barker character in Porridge When it comes to unfortunate names, its Koreans I feel sorry for. When I say unfortunate, I mean how there pronounced in the English Language
  7. Fozz_Quaker

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Wish I screenshot it... In my third season as Darlington manager, I accidently put an outfield player in goal (Kal Naismith) against a Northampton team so bad, I not only won convincingly about 3 or 4-0, Northampton only had 3 shots in the game, all off target, he also got marked a respectable 7/10.
  8. Fozz_Quaker

    Amatuer Teams-Please help?

    Just thought I would set up a save with Queens Park, if you start with Sugar Daddy enabled, Queens Park start with Professional status, but remain Amateur with sugar daddy disabled... Though I dont quite understand why they have Amateur Status...The Players are on Paid Contracts.
  9. I am managing Kosovo with England, Australia, Germany and Scotland
  10. Fozz_Quaker

    Off Topic Help Needed

    Have not really posted a great deal over the Last year Today I am asking for your generosity. 6 months ago my missus was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer, and recently it's progressed to Stage 3, through Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, she ended up having clumps of hair coming out and a couple of weeks ago she had her her shaved, this has absolutely shot her confidence and has been hard Psychologically, so in 3 weeks time in a show of solidarity I have signed up to MacMillans Brave The Shave, I am shaving my hair off in a show of solidarity with my Missus. If anyone could dig in there pockets and sponsor me, I would be grateful, no matter how small, every donation counts towards the work of what is a Truly Wonderful Charity https://bravetheshave.macmillan.org.uk/shavers/david-forster
  11. Fozz_Quaker

    Unlockables prices

    Hi I am in England, I cant remember all the prices off the top of my head... The Unlockables start at 99p in GBP which works out at about $1.27 American and R$4.78 I always buy All Unlockables Pack (Sugar Daddy, Editor and Challenges) which I think cost me £14.99 which is about $19.36 American and R$72.45. There are other unlockable like expand stadium, new stadium and managers son and I think they range from 99p ($1.27 or R$4.78) to £1.99 ($2.57 or R$9.61) Hope this helps
  12. Fozz_Quaker

    Chat OME v EME

    What Match Engine for you use? For me, I still use the Original, it gives me just what I want, quick gameplay and I find with the Enhanced, you have to be more tactically aware and put more effort into your tactic, despite making a couple of decent tactics over the years, I dont have the patience to fine tune tactics as I am not the most tactically aware person to start with. By using the OME, I find the game is much quicker, which I like and it means I can spend more time looking at things like my scout reports and even looking for players myself. I understand the benefit of the EME and why the majority probably uses it, I have on occasions used the EME, but for me, the OME suits my style of playing the game. One thing I would maybe like to see in future releases is the option to view other matches as part of your scouting network, like you could in Championship Manager and in Football Manager. Anyway have a nice day fellas Fozz
  13. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM19 Bug List

    I also forgot to say there was this as well... James Cat on being sold to Woking and Oxford City for 2 and a half stacks each
  14. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM19 Bug List

    ÒI'm managing Kosovo and in the first Euro Qualifiers Games, I cant access the live table, it crashes and goes back to my home screen and sometimes crashes mid match, leaving me to reload the save. Holidaying seems to get round it, but I have an interest in live tables as I can keep progress of placing. I never kept the save as I deleted out of anger and frustration I did do a lol video of what happens League Bug1.mp4