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  1. Fozz_Quaker

    European club football

    It's the taking part that matters 😄 I have had defeats like that in older games, not in Europe, but as a lower league English Team, I suffered an 8-0 home defeat to Arsenal in the League Cup
  2. So, I found a video on youtube of a guy who has managed to get Championship Manager 97/98 onto his Samsung S7 Edge Gonna try and get this working on my S8. I lost 2 years of my life playing this game and pretty much spent my last year in school playing 97/98
  3. Fozz_Quaker

    FMM 19

    It was a part of the PC game I liked, I enjoyed the in-game interaction
  4. Fozz_Quaker

    European club football

    @Retro420 Who is your team in League One btw
  5. Fozz_Quaker

    Random name funnies

    Just seen this Chinese Guy Fuka When I looked up the name Fuka, it is actually a Japanese Female Given Name
  6. Fozz_Quaker

    Chat FMM 19

    That time of year is nearly upon us, the next release of Football Manager Mobile is nearly upon us, what would you guys like to see in the next edition. For me it is the same old requests Reserve/Under-Age Competitions Defiitely would love to see Reserves and Under-23 Leagues in the game, yes, loaning players out is good, but sometimes I would like to nurture my players in-house International Tournaments Maybe include more International Tournaments, The Olympics being one, and some of the Under-Age Tournaments i.e. U21 Euro Championships, U20 World Cup More Statistics I am a proper statto, Seasonal Stats like Average Attendance, High/Low Attendance and Lifetime Stats In-Depth Finances To be able to see how much money the club is making, not just from ticket sales, but merchandising, tv revenue, prize money etc Rivalries Focus on rivalries, player rivalries i.e. Messi v CR7, lfclub rivalries i.e. Real v Barca Media Press Conferences in the run-up to big games to build up the fixture, so show the massive interest i.e. El Clasico Parent/Feeder Clubs For friendlies, loaning in/out and first option on players Arranging our own Friendlies To be able to arrange our own friendlies. Although most of my saves are British Based, either England or Scotland, I almost always have Ireland or the USA as the start date for my save, which start in early/mid January, it gives me 7 months in game to build my team, I would love to be able to organise friendlies or friendly tournaments before my pre-season starts in June New Leagues Not so fussed about new countries in the game, though I think China would be cool, but I would love to see English Lower Leagues in the game, would love it if it could be done, say, by being able to select English Lower Leagues at start up instead of picking multiple, while not taking out multiple leagues at startup i.e. I could have a setup that would be England, England Lower Leagues and 2 other countries. Anyway it is pretty much what I ask for every year, most of it never materialises, I dont mind to be honest, but I can only hope SI find ways to implement my ideas... Penny for your thoughts fellas
  7. Fozz_Quaker

    European club football

    Winning the FA Cup and/or Carabao Cup should see you get entered into the Europa League. On 17, I won an FA Cup and entered the Europa League with no problem. The only reason I can think you would not be entered is because of Ground Grading, though I do know teams in the game have had there Euro Games moved to a neutral venue
  8. Fozz_Quaker

    CM01/02 on Android!!

    I would love to see CM 97/98 released on Android one day...My favourite game of the series. I spent more time playing that at School than I did my schoolwork
  9. Fozz_Quaker

    Chat Nationalities

    Sure it has been discussed before, can't remember when or where. Probably a daft thing to point out... But why is Crimean in the game as a Nationality, it is an Unofficial Republic of Russia and Internationally Recognised as being part of The Ukraine. Crimea is as much of a country as Chechnya is, or Tibet, Northern Cyprus or Kurdistan is. With Crimean recognition in the game, will we ever see nationalities like Kurdish, Basque, Catalonian, Tibetan in the game
  10. Fozz_Quaker


    For me, it goes back to the Championship Manager era, 97/98 in particular, Ibrahima Bakayoko and Emile Heskey... I think Heskey was about 19 and Bakayoko was about a year away from signing for Everton. Heskey and Bakayoko scored for fun in my saves. I think Everton actually signed Bakayoko because of his Stats in the CM Database
  11. Could anyone give me some advice for Int'l Management, currently having a bash at managing Iraq and also Bermuda in another save I am playing as well Any advice is appreciated FQ
  12. Fozz_Quaker

    Giant killing

    As long as that is all you smash out when stuck in traffic 😝
  13. Fozz_Quaker


    Is Peter Hinds still in the game... Wasn't he like 55 in the last game
  14. Fozz_Quaker

    The FMM18 Tactics Index

    @FuddledFox Great thread, I started toying with this idea a whole back, but could not find the time to do it. So thanks brother FQ
  15. Fozz_Quaker

    Save Game Editor

    Yes it does still have that mark to show an edited game.