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  1. Uploading to Youtube

    Wondering... Would youtube gaming be a good app to capture the screen and to use my phones mic to capture sound, just recording the game as I play through
  2. Uploading to Youtube

    @KennyMiller27 I have a Samsung S6 and a Laptop computer
  3. Hey Guys I would not mind starting uploading some stuff to youtube at some point, how do I go about putting FMM on YT???
  4. Vibe content on YouTube

    How do I go about creating content for youtube... Would love to attempt vlogging a career
  5. England 2017/18 League Placings

    Cool @jaymarvels cant wait ?
  6. England 2017/18 League Placings

    @JustM1kePlays I will probably just wait for the PGE... No rush though, I will start off just changing The EPL and EFL for now amend at a later date and start off experiment with Changes.txt as I have the FA non-League Allocation list for 2017-18 down to step 4. Then see how it goes and mess around trying to sort other playable Leagues with 17-18 Allocations thats already known
  7. I am wanting to do an 2017/18 English League Placing file like I did for 16/17 I am doing a changes.txt, with there being parallel moves across Step 2 and Step 3 i.e. Gloucester from North to South, will it be awkward to write, in which case, would I be best off waiting till i could get access to PGE??? Any help would be appreciated FQ
  8. RIP Cheick Tiote

    Fucking Hell... sorry for the language, but that has come as a shock ??? I, of course know what it is like to lose someone so young RIP
  9. Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted

    I come here for the craic really and to lost whatever nonsense is on my mind... I particularly like reading articles and the contributions of @BatiGoal and @Ashez. I come to look for tactics and downloads and to talk to like minded FMM Fans
  10. I understand that, but the way I normally get my gold coaches is by sometimemes using ex/older pros, though it can be hit and miss at times. In my experience I have normally found an older pro will not progress beyond silver, and in some circumstances when a player retires they will always stay silver. In my opinion it adds something to the game for me, but it can be massively improved which is where I agree with @Ashez
  11. Getting Involved With Vibe

    Must admit I enjoy Vibe and have done since FMH 12 and have spoke to/had dealings with some really cool people in that time, with @Dec and @BatiGoalbeing very helpful at times. Sometimes I drop off the radar for a bit though, through personal circumstances, like when my sister passed away in 2015 and showed up again at the back end of last year. Vibe is one of the best sites I have been on, I have never noticed any back biting and bitching here, not many personal arguments and it seems like most users get along with one another
  12. Just a question about how you guys fill your backroom positions... Depending on the club I am with and what facilities they have, I sometimes like to fill out my backroom positions with older players, in my last couple of saves I have singled out players like John Terry and Lee Cattermole, in Cattermole's case, going as far as bringing him in around the 30yo point, making him captain and building him up to eventually become assistant manager when he hits 35-36. I find, moreso in the lower leagues, using older players in your squad to fill such positions can be prove invaluable, as you normally have to pay compo to take staff already employed elsewhere if there are no interested unemployed candidates to fill said position. So guys, what do you do to fill staff positions Fozz
  13. Create youth academy

    @Jack Thats correct buying that IAP gives you state of the art training facilities and top youth facilities, I buy it on most saves... It gives you the maximum coaching staff(4 Coaches, 4 Scouts, 3 Physios)
  14. @BatiGoal I will post some results from Stephen Thompson and Mark Beck on my next save...Probably end up making me out to be a liar when it comes to it lol ??? For my next big save, I am waiting for the Premier League, Football League, National League and Northern/Southern and Isthmian League Play-Off's to conclude, then I am going to write a document to reflect next seasons league placings ?
  15. Also, as for a player role I like a good old PCR followed by APM, BWM and BBM in that order