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  1. laurie_king

    Challenge Cup XII

    Sport guys I weren't able to commit to the challenge cup this year, I was in Manchester for most of it and my phone signal was shocking plus the KSI v Logan Paul fight as well screwed me up.. Will be definitely playing along for fun as much as I can and good luck to all remaining competitors!!
  2. laurie_king

    Challenge Cup XII

    Count me in!!
  3. laurie_king

    The ABC of football

    Coulda done Yellow Submarine for Y as that's Villarreal's nickname With X coulda been based around Greece as there's a team called Xanthi FC
  4. laurie_king

    UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team [Started]

    Team Name: Cheshunt FC Home Kit: Amber and Black Away Kit: Green Manager Name: Dave Perry
  5. laurie_king

    The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

    If Russia is still left I'll join
  6. laurie_king

    Euro 2016 FMM Tournament

    I'm doing Polska.
  7. laurie_king

    Eight Free Agents You Should Sign

    cant believe that you didn't put down Manu Adebarndoor
  8. laurie_king

    Need players for my team

    Laurie King 21 AMC/MC England
  9. laurie_king

    Football Manager Mobile 2016 Ultimate Team

    Team Name: Waltham Abbey Wanderers Team to Replace: Swansea Club Colour (H): Red/White (A): Black
  10. laurie_king

    Triple Threat Part II

    liverpool and you have to use Danny Ings, Christian Benteke and Jerome Sinclair
  11. laurie_king

    The Once We've Played Challenge

    and also what about loaning players in/out. Does that apply to rule 1
  12. laurie_king

    The Once We've Played Challenge

    can I use the Vibe update to play this challenge or does it have to be using the game updates
  13. laurie_king

    UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    I'm only level 3 but I still wanna join. Should be good
  14. laurie_king

    Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

    Hey guys!! Anyone tell me what they think of this team http://i.imgur.com/13zJbgV.png
  15. laurie_king

    FMH2015 Wonderkids Hurt/Heal

    Hurt: Martin Ødegaard (3) Heal: Adnan Januzaj (3)