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  1. Franco di Santo - (FC) Bought him from Wolfsburg to Arsenal in my first season for a mere £12.5m, but relatively high wages (75k/wk) Pros: Green offensive stats, but 14 creativity. Cons: Mid-tier clubs and below might not be able to afford his wages or he's not interested in transfer at all. Overall it's like finding a really cheap Lewandowski. Mário Fernandes - (D/WB R) Bought from CSKA Moscow for £10m + Debuchy (£4.5m I think), high wage yet again, sorry people! Pros: Messi-esque dribbling, AMAZING offensive AND defensive stats, decent aerial and strength! Cons: High wage, might not get work permit.
  2. You might want a better back-up right-back, Jenkinson isn't good enough, buy Sime Vrsaljko. Unless you've bought a good right back already
  3. Thanks for the update I've fixed a few things Viviano isn't @ Palermo, Thiago Motta not @ PSG, Maxwell not @ PSG and some others as well. If you want some of the fixed codes then here it is: "PLAYER" "Maxwell Scherrer" "Cabelino Andrade" "Barcelona" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Paris Saint-Germain" "PLAYER" "Maxwell" "Scherrer Cabelino Andrade" "Barcelona" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Paris Saint-Germain" "PLAYER" "Thiago" "Motta" "F.C. Internazionale" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Paris Saint-Germain" "PLAYER" "Gaël" "Kakuta" "Chelsea" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Dijon FCO" "PLAYER" "Iago" "Falqué" "Tottenham Hotspur" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Southampton" "PLAYER" "Sébastien" "Bassong" "Tottenham Hotspur" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Wolverhampton Wanderers" "PLAYER" "David" "Pizarro" "AS Roma" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Manchester City" "PLAYER" "Emiliano" "Viviano" "F.C. Internazionale" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Città di Palermo" "PLAYER" "Taye" "Taiwo" "A.C. Milan" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Queens Park Rangers" "PLAYER" "Djibril" "Cissé" "S.S. Lazio" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Queens Park Rangers" The problems were mainly club names and player names didn't have the accents(like Cisse's) and some mistakes in the club names(like Palermo's and the dots/no dots in some of the FC's and AS's) That's all I could remember I did edit on, but others missing was the "F.C. Interazionale" missing the "n" and Palermo with the SpA's in the end. Hope that helped
  4. if you still have some money, get Sime Vrsaljko as future right-back and back-up for Sagna I don't think Jenkinson's good enough
  5. The main difference I think, is that Vertonghen plays for Ajax in a Dutch League whereas Jones play for Man U in the Premier League where Eredivisie is easier than the EPL. Try a season with Vertonghen playing for Man U and Jones for Ajax and see what happens :rolleyes:
  6. I'm surprised Wojciech Szczęsny(had to copy off wiki for his name :lol: ) isn't on the list
  7. Okay so I want to make an inside forward for my Arsenal team, but so far it's not been very successful. Gervinho/Walcott(playing them in AML/AMR and forward runs to FCL and FCR) couldn't get assists/goals and only shoots at max 2 or 3 per match compared to RVP where he's been scoring like crazy They've been getting either 6 or 7's only Please help
  8. Leo

    Max Gradel

    Looks to me like a younger Gervinho :wub:
  9. Champions League Final vs Lyon and Yoann Gourcuff punches someone(too fast to see, I only saw "PUNCH") and gets sent off. After I win the match 3-0 it says he's been banned from global matches for 90 days after his misconduct in Lyon's 3-0 defeat by Arsenal xD
  10. What would happen if Rooney never left Everton?
  11. So I found that all goalkeeper's communication = their leadership and compared a goalkeeper to an outfield player and also found their leadership = communication, The question is if you have a starting 11 with good leadership(let's say all players are 15+) which means they'll have good communication(15+), does that mean they'll be more organised and therefore play better? :rolleyes: Also, would the leadership improve if you make someone a captain?