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  1. 2011 WHO TO GO IN BSP!!!!

    thanks for quick feedback and i will post results tomorrow and who i signed etc. Thanks xXNEEJXx
  2. 2011 WHO TO GO IN BSP!!!!

    Hi there i was wondering what bsp team to go so whoever replies back first with the team thats the team i shall go then i will post tommorow my finshed season Thanks xXNEEJXx
  3. Hello People

    lol dec is getting abuse and hello jens btw i think that belgium bailey is agreat signing
  4. Hello People

    Yeah i suppose but in scotland we have a good bit of money but unlike yours which is great also torres needs to be good next season and bye gotta go talk to you all tomorrow
  5. Hello People

    Thanks btw rangers have got a friendly against you coming and last time we won 2-0 fuck knows how though Also villa boas will be a great manager plus is it true you signed neymar or is tht a load of bull shit
  6. Hello People

    I found by via youtube and i got really interested and i ended up here at the fantastic site and may i ask who are the set up team here cause they have done a great and are u on everyday cause i think we should keep in touch m8 Celtic are good there just not consistent And hello richard
  7. Hello People

    Hello there i just registered today and would like to say hi to everyone who signed up and are the founders of this site. Also i would to say what a site you have devolped here its great also I am a Glasgow Rangers FC supporter and scotland . Thanks People for the warm welcome Also if you need any help with scottish teams or any for that matter just give me a buzz