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  1. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Don' want to annoy you or anything mate but can you do me a save managing Gabon?... I can't get this changes.txt thing it makes no sense to me sorry and thanks on advance
  2. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    What tactic you using mate?
  3. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Good luck mate
  4. How many goals is your striker getting?
  5. Great stuff man ... What tactic are you using?
  6. For a player who I liked at the start of his Arsenal career Lord Bendtner has not made a good name for himself and the self proclaimed "one of the best strikers in the world" has gone from bad to worse The Challenge Win WPOTY with Bendtner and get him the trophy that one of the best strikers in the world should have Rules No IGE/Editing Software No Unlockables Own Formations Only Must Have Proof If Doing A Challenge
  7. Great stuff mate he should pick up speed in no time... I hope you don't mind me asking but what tactic are you using? 33 assists is insane
  8. Good start long way to go but it' doable
  9. I've wanted to put up a career for a while now but couldn't decide what type so I have decided to try and get everyone involved while I am at it and have decided to manage Dortmund and you can choose the tactics and the transfers of players and coaches each season 1st seasons budget is around 25 million to start off update soon to come.
  10. Great stuff taff keep it going
  11. iScout Carles Aleña

    Was waiting for someone to do him been using him a bit great find mate👍
  12. Thanks I'll give it a try
  13. Needed a title that would get you in ...I'm having trouble with wingers scoring the too Mich goals and not assisting enugh how do I stop this?