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  1. gunnersaur

    Help Player Roles

    Anybody got any idea on what player roles are effective this year... kind of like how the Advanced Forward was the go to last year is there anything like that?
  2. gunnersaur

    Some advice please.

    Get him as much game time as possible best way i can find to improve players
  3. gunnersaur

    Double Digit CCC Anyone?

    I cant even hit 3 mate 😂
  4. August to January:Update So ive made it to January and it took ages which is the main reason this is going up about 1 week later but as it was pointed out credit to @Ashez for coming up with this challenge. Anyway lets get on with it heres the points. Points · League points · Goal difference · 3 pts for each round of the German Cup and Champions League I pass. · 1 point for each different nationality that plays at least 1 game. as you know i chose Dortmund Heres the transfers in: and heres my transfers out: heres the league table: Bayern are steamrolling the league so far. Were not doing too bad considering im not that good a tactician in this game yet. German cup: Were through to the 3rd round after a tough game against Hannover 96 in the last round Champions League: City got us on the last game beating us to get top spot but were through and thats all that matters. Now since its january the window is open and ive got 141 million to spend so heres hoping i make the right improvements to the squad.
  5. gunnersaur

    My attempt at a 1kc

    Good luck man
  6. Great start man and best of luck for the second half
  7. I should give Ashez some credit too so .... thanks and good luck with the french lads too
  8. Bingo! Fair play man and thanks ... the title is from @Foxy's version because i think he made the challenge and i suppose thats what the challenge is called. I knew he was called the "Maestro" but i didnt know he was called "Mozart" ... fitting name to be honest.
  9. gunnersaur

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    Good luck man should be a good career
  10. Thanks man ...its not either of the milan clubs but good guess. was pirlo called the little morzart? Good guess but its not Arsenal.. it was Rosicky so fair play for guessing that. Ill give another hint One of their players won a world cup by scoring the only goal with his weaker foot.
  11. I seen this challenge that @Foxy was doing and i liked the idea so i thought id try it out as the first challenge that i try in Fmm 2019. The Challenge In this one season save I will be building a new squad of players who all speak the same language, in my case Spanish is my chosen language. This means that I can sign any player who comes from a nation with Spanish as an official language. I will have these countries to use https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_where_Spanish_is_an_official_language I will leave you with some clues with what team im using and will fill you in on how the points work and the leagues i have loaded in the next update of this career. Clues: A certain "Little Mozart" used to play for them. They are a team in a shadow the last few years They are a team on the rise at the moment Lets get this challenge done.
  12. Within reach mate keep it up
  13. gunnersaur

    PriZe presents The G.O.A.T.

    No idea but im going to have a guess that it has something to do with Lord Bendtner
  14. Quality stuff ... i love researching old tactics too keep it up