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  1. Match Key For Predictions (MW31) Vibe Challenger Division Tottenham @ThomW12 2-3 Real Madrid Barcelona @Titjes 2-0 PSG Chelsea @broodje kip 2-1 Benfica Arsenal @gunnersaur 1-0 Man City Dortmund @LTFC 1-2 Barcelona @Titjes Barcelona @Titjes 3-1 Real Madrid Sevilla 0-2Liverpool @Jsavfc Vibe Gold Division Southampton 0-1Torino @BatiGoal
  2. Transfers: Competitions: Players: Manager Profile: Results:
  3. Great start man .... I have found Ruiz to be very good in careers I do he'll only get better and Ansu speaks for himself really only up from season 1 man
  4. Great start man 54 goals is mental with any striker .... Now just to find another shithouse like Costa to replace him 😂
  5. Not the hero we deserve but the hero we needed...Great job man fair play for coming up with the idea to do it
  6. Good luck man Messi is a beast anyway always scores lots
  7. That fixed it thanks and well done so far man keep it up
  8. Match Key For Predictions MW30 Vibe Challenger Division Liverpool 3-1 Dortmund Real Madrid 3-2Tottenham Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd Porto 1-3 Chelsea Barcelona 2-2 Liverpool Vibe Platinum Division Krasnodar 0-3 RB Leipzig Vibe Gold Division Torino 2-0 Newcastle Torino 4-2 Celtic BONUS (4 pts) : Predict the first scorer of the Barcelona vs Liverpool match. Salah
  9. None of the screenshots are working but I imagine you had a good season so keep it up man