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About gunnersaur

  • Birthday 05/01/2000
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    Lech Poznan
  1. gunnersaur

    Aaron Bolger

    Sweet find man ...up the hoops
  2. gunnersaur

    Terry's Trophy Hunt

    Good luck mate
  3. Good luck mate ... interesting career
  4. gunnersaur


    Top scout 😂
  5. And I won't mention 1962
  6. I hope you fail miserably 😉😂
  7. gunnersaur

    Gunnersaur Tries to save Arsenal

    Season 1: Part 1 we have had a surrisingly good season so far. We have not lost a game all season and I'm as suprised as the rest of you but it's going well Fixtures We showed pep we are a big team again League Table Top of the league highest goal difference aswell which Is a bonus Transfers In Transfers Out A classy 127million for that ...thing Next update soon #GunnersaurOut
  8. gunnersaur

    Klopp Out - Ashez In!

    Good start hope transfers in are better
  9. gunnersaur

    Looking for testers

    I'll help with this
  10. gunnersaur

    Ezequiel Barco CAM 1kc

    Good luck mate
  11. gunnersaur

    Gunnersaur Tries to save Arsenal

    Thank you .. That's the kindest thing a spurs fan has ever said to me 🤣 added 0 minutes later Thanks man ... let's hope not
  12. Arsenal... a team I have supported all my life. They went from invincible to not winning the league in 14 years. Not easy to watch this big club ( or what used to be) struggle so this is where I come in and ressurect them (hopefully) First update coming soon
  13. gunnersaur

    The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Keep it up mate ... this is in the bag just 1 good season and what tactic are you using?
  14. Smashing it mate keep it up
  15. gunnersaur

    Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Don' want to annoy you or anything mate but can you do me a save managing Gabon?... I can't get this changes.txt thing it makes no sense to me sorry and thanks on advance