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    Lech Poznan
  1. Within reach mate keep it up
  2. gunnersaur

    PriZe presents The G.O.A.T.

    No idea but im going to have a guess that it has something to do with Lord Bendtner
  3. Quality stuff ... i love researching old tactics too keep it up
  4. I was going to say keep it up youre doing great and best of luck. Then i seen what team you were so i hope you fail miserably 😜 but in all honesty kepp it up your doing well
  5. gunnersaur

    Manchester United - Team Guide

    Have to agree with @Foxy a great read that nearly made me care about utd but could you make a guide about arsenal or benfica? 2 teams i like to use
  6. gunnersaur

    Martínez Does The 1k Challenge

    Good luck. Its going to be tough with a 19 year old but best of luck man
  7. gunnersaur

    Possession is cheap! - 4-2-3-1

    Nice tactic id imagine with a top team it would be even better well done
  8. gunnersaur

    Fiete Arp 1k at Benfica - Complete.

    Well done.. i have thought about doing this but cant get my tactics right
  9. gunnersaur

    Aaron Bolger

    Sweet find man ...up the hoops
  10. gunnersaur

    Terry's Trophy Hunt

    Good luck mate
  11. Good luck mate ... interesting career
  12. gunnersaur


    Top scout 😂
  13. And I won't mention 1962
  14. I hope you fail miserably 😉😂