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  1. gunnersaur

    Help Mercurial Talent??

    Thanks people
  2. Does mercurial talent mean that theyre basically going to be world class or what does it mean? Before the update Hudson odoi had it after Joe willock and rakeem harper are the only 2 so far ive seen with it so what does it actually mean?
  3. He wasnt that good domesticallywas he? -127 awards shocking stuff... no in all fairness man well done 1700 amazing
  4. Dont know but judging by my psychic powers i think there was 11 goals in the match 😋
  5. Some man 3 seasons in a row constantly getting over 110 goals fair play ... btw its pretty much in the bag so well done and sure if he keeps getting over 100 goals id say he has atleast to the age of 35 or more in china so could a 1.5k be on the cards?
  6. Inching closer to the knockouts of the cup man .... great idea for a career shame there no Tó Madeira in this game maybe youll find him 😂
  7. Fair play man ... what role are you using him at bro? Hes clinical
  8. gunnersaur

    Tactics [EME] Duncan’s 3-2-3-2

    Have you got any results?
  9. Season 2: Spain Transfers In: Transfers Out: Fixtures: This losing streak killed the run and i had to switch up the tactics League Table: Awards(to boast again): after a good season with lots of awards and qualification for Europe i feel like a failure however the show must go on England = 69 points Spain=69 Points
  10. gunnersaur

    Help Enhanced engine

    i understand it a bit more now so thanks lads
  11. gunnersaur

    Help Enhanced engine

    Making this thread to get a better understanding of the enhanced engine and hopefully others aswell so onto the questions 1. Does the engine favour more attacking type tactics? ( 3-4-3 ,3 up top tactics) 2. Is it worth having a defensive mid? 3. Is there a way to stabilise my defence? (Basically make it more sturdy) Probably some stupid questions but i cant wrap my head around the engine even though ive been playing on it from the day the game came out.
  12. id let my assisstant pick the team and was noticing a lack of mitrovic so before matches i start putting him in manually and not a bad return Thanks man Thanks man youre spain score is going to be tough to beat lets hope unal proves to be just as good as mitrovic
  13. gunnersaur

    Career Sunderland 'Til I Die

    Good luck man .. tough challenge ahead
  14. Thanks man hoping to push on in spain and push @kts365 off first .. and im glad somebody is having a look at the thread so thanks for that too