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  1. Tactics Juventus 5-3-2

    OME or EME?
  2. Guides/Tips Juventus team guide

    May i know the instructions for the formations u mention above? Thanks.
  3. Databases Man Utd Treble Squad

    Can I request Ian Rush era in any best era he played for Liverpool? Thanks.
  4. im using SK instead of GK. should i put on light on Defensive for GK training? thanks.
  5. Help Selling Players in FMM 2017

    I'm managing Salford City from Vanarama North until now Premier League. Vanarama North - i up the price until 100k for every each player and i managed to sell 8 from 10 players with the price that i want. Vanarama League - i set the price to 200k and like before, i managed to sell the player eventho not every player that i want to rid off. League 2 - i set the price to 300k-400k. same as before, i succeeded. League 1 - i set 500k. succeeded. Championship - at this stage i will try to rip off from 1m-2m per player. sometimes 3m-4m if the star player. by using this, i managed to control may wage budget by converting the transfer budget before i end the season. btw most of the player i get from bosman. p/s: pardon my poor English.
  6. I'm managing Salford City, when i was at League One, Nigeria offered me a job, and like u, i rejected the offer due to inappropriate for me to accept because i'm still managing Salford City at League One.
  7. at least 1 coach for every specialization. not just limited to 4 (exclude manager).
  8. hopefully theres more features for coaches.