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  1. Unfortunately we've discontinued for the Amazon store.
  2. Long and Firmino have very close shots on target % IRL, but that attribute might potentially be a touch lower than what I would expect. Will check in with the FM data.
  3. We'll look into a hi-vis version for people who aren't seeing it so well.
  4. There are various legal difficulties with Brazil that make it unlikely to appear any time in the foreseeable future - plus we can't sell the game there either.
  5. If you use the 'Inbox' button this can give you the list as well, there is one more way we are going to extend this to make it faster to use in an early update.
  6. We're not seeing it show live for us yet in Apple in this part of the world - the button was pushed so it's a case of waiting for the store.
  7. I would like to stress that we do appreciate this thread, but it is also a lot easier for us to track stuff if logged on our own forums in the bugs area - so if something seems like it really needs attention, please do dive in there.
  8. The way we think of it is "2 or 3 games on a quick bus ride" but that works well too In terms of pre-orders and extra content or early access, this is a bit difficult at the moment because the proposition the stores offer is totally different and it would be hard to make something that works across both.
  9. Further features will follow before release, of course.
  10. First glimpse: https://community.sigames.com/topic/495175-pre-order-football-manager-2020-mobile-now/
  11. Football Manager 2020 Mobile is now available for pre-order on IOS and pre-registration for Android devices. FM20 Mobile is the fastest way to play Football Manager and two brand new leagues make this year’s instalment our best and most international offering to date, with the Greek league and fully licensed Danish Superliga making their debuts. Effortlessly build your dream squad, win titles and feel the rush as you battle your way to the very top of the game, wherever and whenever you want. For the first time, the game is now available in Portuguese and Dutch language. With IOS pre-orders you’ll own the game and be able to play immediately upon release on November 19th. For Android pre-registrations you’ll be notified on release day that the game is now available. No mobile game gets closer to the dream of managing the world’s top clubs and new features take FM20 Mobile to new levels. The beautiful game is literally in your hands – visit the relevant store links below to begin preparing for your adventure into the world of football management. Pre Order on iOS Pre-Registration on Android
  12. No - can you add on our forums please!