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  1. A save for this would be great, please.
  2. The demand was too low to justify the development and testing time that went into it - that's the only factor in play. If we were able to sell via the Amazon store no non-Fire devices it could be a different story but there are some technical reasons that make this unfeasible at present.
  3. Re the yes/no -we've been the wrong way round I think in the past and it's at odds with what people expect on mobile apps. I understand it might take a short while to acclimatise to.
  4. Sorry for lack of reply - it's just hard for us to give an official comment on stuff that is untested, and would not be appropriate for us to test.
  5. You can save the match with the save button in the top bar, this creates a PKM file in your matches folder (or in the save directory on iOS).
  6. Would be good to have a PKM example of this.
  7. We're looking into it at the moment.
  8. The data was locked last week I'm afraid. We have to cut it somewhere
  9. Unfortunately we've discontinued for the Amazon store.
  10. Long and Firmino have very close shots on target % IRL, but that attribute might potentially be a touch lower than what I would expect. Will check in with the FM data.
  11. We'll look into a hi-vis version for people who aren't seeing it so well.
  12. There are various legal difficulties with Brazil that make it unlikely to appear any time in the foreseeable future - plus we can't sell the game there either.
  13. If you use the 'Inbox' button this can give you the list as well, there is one more way we are going to extend this to make it faster to use in an early update.