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  1. Looks like a really nice challenge, Its fair to say he's been "Bruce'd" IRL.
  2. Converted Winger Challenge Hello Boys & Girls this is my first post in 3 years. I find myself being drawn back to playing FFM. I done a host of challenges/careers. My last major ones was with Ashez. So it's good to be playing again and what better way with one of the best challenges I've ever played. So without further do lets get straight into the action. You should all by now know the rules. Chosen Club So I think by now the player is rather obvious but I'll let you guess 👀. I will post an update very soon. This was short and sweet which is how I like it.
  3. @Taff wow! Holy crap what a cracking season, Smashing in 50 goals that will take some beating
  4. What a team! But you will fail ? Nice to see something gave you the motivation to post a career
  5. I've just fixed them buddy thanks for letting me know, Yes 40 goals is a very good return
  6. Season 5 Hello everyone and welcome to season 5 of my Converted Winger Challenge ! So I revealed my chosen player for the new up and coming season, Last season we seen Markovic smash the goals in so could our new winger produce the goods? With my tactic goals are scored from all round the team so if I could create something that would purely focus on my striker the goals would really increase but it's too risky too start to change things around....... Or is it? Transfers In So we strengthened the team especially in the Midfield are we went for some young up and comming talent, Our club rep is a little low so was always going to be difficult to bring in a "Marquee Signing" So we chose some players that where young but also looked good on paper, So £33 Million down the pan I hope they produce on the field and really push the team on Transfers Out So as you can see ALOT of players left the club as they where simply not good enough but in the other hand I think we could have kept 3-4 just for back up as the squad was wafer thin. So with the transfers out of the way it was time to see how we as a team could produce on the pitch, The Champions League has eluded us every year could we get close to the title this year? It is a difficult cup to win but it's the one that is missing from our trophy cabinet and more importantly could our chosen Converted Winger bang in at least 30 goals? Without further ado let's see how the season unfolded and see how well our team actually did Turkish Super Cup So as you can see it was a easy game for us, We dominated the game given Rizespor hardly a sniff in the game it's just a shame we couldn't win by a bigger Margain So we had a fairly easy champions league group stage we won 5 out of 6 games (not screenshot) but the groups is normally quite easy depending if you can get a good group. Champions League KO Rounds So we made it too the KO rounds of the Champions League and I'm not going to lie they gave us some tough games, So let's see how far we got in the KO rounds and look at the games So in our first game we faced Spurs the 1st game we lost 2-1 but was a entertaining game and it was a tight game so we got a little unlucky but we also where lucky not to lose 3-1, But in the second leg we ran riot smashing them 3-0 we really made our chances count and a few good saves from Muslera took us through to the next round. We faced the mighty Atletico Madrid in the next KO phase but we won both legs after some brilliant performances from our players to take us to the semi finals So in the semi finals we faced Real Madrid (This game doesn't want me to win) Both legs finished 2-2 and even with Real grabbing 2 red cards we still couldn't finish them off, When it went to penalties I had a feeling they would kill us off but we stood firm and we sent them crashing out! What a performance we are having in this years tournament! We are now in the bloody final! Champions League Final So despite Man City dominating most of the game they somehow couldn't score and we won the game on penalties to lift our first ever Champions League! Turkish League Cup So we doninated Rizespor and smashed them 1-5 what a performance from the team and with that we do the double only the league to stop us from the treble now League Table So we scored plenty of goals, Won the league by 10 points but 7 loses is hard to take, But none the less we are treble champions!! Fantastic achievement, So let's now take a look at our strikers goals? How many did he score???? The Main Event So Deulofeu had a very good season banging in a respectable 40 goals so the challenge continues into season 6, As always I want to thank everyone that comments and people that view, Thank you all see you next season
  7. Cloning players isn't always the best way, Like putzy said if he pastes the whole entire error message it will show you what is wrong
  8. Not yet my friend, Also Brazil would be tricky as you have to replace a League and there is NO South American playable leagues so the league would be difficult, So there would be no copa sudamercana copa Libs
  9. There is a tutorial guide that someone done I believe
  10. Yes you're correct OP edited added 0 minutes later I will be editing club Rep training rep youth rep and creating ALL players
  11. Bolivia Primera A WIP This League will overtake Wales, Won't be as realistic as it's a South American team based in Europe but it was the only league with 12 teams
  12. my player roles are defined to my players so yours will be different
  13. 4-2-1-3 2 CM 1 APM FL CF FR Works wonders for me on OME