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  1. I picked up the fire 7 today, I only bought it to read the digital catalogue of a magazine I subscribe to, but as it was so cheap, I have some money to buy FMM a second time The text on a 7 inch tablet last year was big and bulky, basically visually unappealing. Is this year's any different?
  2. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Has there been any news on the high scoring matches being addressed? The game is brilliant and killed my interest in FMT this year, but the number of goals bring the sense of reality down
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Apparently the home form is very disappointing, has anyone had this in a report?
  4. Chat Weird player match ratings

    That mirrors real life though. Unless a player comes on and makes a big difference, it makes no sense for him to have an equal rating to someone who'd played the full match. Previous versions annoyed me, because subs would have a rating of 7/8 if the team won easily, regardless of how long he'd been on the pitch 25 minutes, or 3 minutes A lot of people on here (myself included) tend to see a 6 as a poor rating, but that just means that a player has done his job, no more, no less, which is what almost all substitutes in real life do
  5. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Are the low ratings for defensive/ball winning midfielders a bug, or is it just reflective of real life, in which, those players are seen as just making a personal sacrifice to help the team overall? It'd be a bit weird if a ball winning midfielder was getting the same rating as the team's top scorer every week
  6. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Are we sure that there being so many goals was actually a bug? If your team is too attack minded, and your defence not organised properly, matches would end up like a basketball game with both sides just taking turns to attack, until they either score, or shoot off target My first save was a mess, and I restarted after two successive 5-5 draws, followed by an 8-5 defeat. It turned out, that, as I mentioned, I just hadn't paid attention to the defence. Since then, although there are some bad games, I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, my team conceded 31 goals in 38 league matches, whereas in my first save, they'd conceded 41 in the first 14 People post screen shots of their team conceding massive amounts, but the AI teams goals conceded column is pretty much what you'd expect in a real life campaign, which again, suggests to me that it's a problem with our tactics at times, and not with the match engine The old tactical options were far too restricting, and I think that the new options are working almost too well, but will level out as people get used to what style they want to set up
  7. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but in the transfer section, when I select the 'any' option in a player's value box, it changes to 'free'. It's obviously not that big a deal, but a bug nonetheless Also, I started as Celtic just to get a feel of the game. The top 6 and bottom 6 of the Scottish league split after 33 games. I was awarded two league titles in the same season for being top of the league at the split, as well as at the end of the season I don't have a PC, so can't send the save, but hopefully it's something that's already been pointed out.
  8. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    The new tactics look great, and definitely seem to affect the match. Unfortunately my philosophy seems to be too attack minded, I don't think the game will be like previous ones though, in that there won't be many "super tactics"
  9. That was brilliant, thank you I'd never really thought about the Korean leagues being added, but now that it's happened, it's pretty interesting I'm looking forward to trying a save with Pohang Steelers
  10. Chat Are the new features reveal over?

    Marc Duffy, and the FM twitter account said that there are new features that we'll discover for ourselves Like you, the manager reputation something I hope has been addressed. In Germany especially, a good season with a small /medium sized club would have a manager linked with a top club I think it's even more important this year, as the tactics seem to have been given a massive upgrade, so there is much more potential and options to over achieve with small teams
  11. Chat FMM 2018 Price

    Going by the new features, £8.99 looks an incredibly good price
  12. I'm not sure if anyone else has already told this, but someone asked about the release time on twitter, and was told that the button would be pressed early on Thursday,time just depending on how long it takes to appear in the app stores
  13. I wish I'd resisted the urge to look at the new features, Friday seems like a long way away now..
  14. Yeah, maybe my view was a bit one sided. I don't like to buy any player over the age of 22, so lists like the one mentioned are a crutch for me I don't 'bulk buy' potential wonder kids though, as that really would take away from the game, but even using the list I'm hoping to find a few players that still need a lot of coaching, and not just a case of a few loan spells, then they're ready for the first team.
  15. I don't really understand your point. Managers in real life will be aware of those teenagers, so why does it take away from transfer strategy? People have asked for a method in which it'd be possible to manage teams from 10+years ago. Your point would make sense then, as we all know the best players from the last ten years, so everyone would just be making the same transfer targets. The Four Four Two list is just a group of opinions from journalists, there are no guarantees that the players will develop into anything special. It's just a boost to in game scouting, in my opinion. I wasn't trying to be rude there, reading it back, it's a bit blunt, no offence intended though.