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  1. I hope you're right, as I said, I don't like being negative about the game, I'll still buy it One thing I was hoping for was managerial reputation counting for somthing. It'd be good to be offered jobs due to success with bringing young players through, or being great with finances, rather than just having to win trophies to boost your reputation
  2. I really don't like to be negative, but the features don't really excite me, it's like they're correcting mistakes rather than adding new features The transfer system could be more interesting but that's all I'm looking forward to. People might be happy about the new leagues but there was excitement for MLS, and the Turkish leagues, and those fell flat quickly VAR doesn't make sense in a game, we'll have to see deliberate mistakes, just for the feature to be useful, I'd much rather they'd fixed the ball winning midfielder role and other match engine bugs As I say, I don't like being negative, and I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm just underwhelmed. I hope that I'm in the minority
  3. I've seen certain people who have posted articles and insights etc for years, they'd know what to look out for regarding bugs, and could maybe be of use to the developers over a really busy time FMM 18 was enjoyable, but the initial problem with high scoring games was a big distraction for a few months I remember that after my first 6 games of a career my team had scored 43 and conceded 28. I was told on Twitter that the results were "slightly odd, but these things happen in real life on a fairly regular basis", that is a problem that Dec etc would have picked up on quickly if tested before the release I'm pretty easily pleased, and some other bugs that people mention don't bother me too much but I just believe that a group of people here (not me), could really help SI out
  4. I'm really hoping that feeder teams are introduced this year, it makes a big difference to developing young players on FMT Arranging your own friendlies would be good too, winning easily in pre season doesn't really achieve anything, so testing tactics against better (or foreign) teams would be useful
  5. SaintPaul

    FMM 19

    I'd like to see finances be suited to your club/level At the start of each season, it'd be good if we were only given a percentage of each transfer fee recieved. it'd just make the game more realistic. During one save (at Coventry in League One), I had £13 million to spend after selling five players Also, with more and more players being suited to more than one position, it'd be good if we could instruct what position we wanted our players used in, when they were going out on loan. Youngsters getting a full season to learn a new position should be a big benefit I'd also like to see managerial stats actually meaning something. It'd be good to be offered a job because you had a high reputation of working with young players, or, if you're seen as a disciplinarian, a team with a lot of volatile players would make you an offer etc
  6. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    You might want to tell him that then. He told FourFourTwo magazine that he believed he won the award for his ability to get up and down the pitch, which was essential to Leicester's counter attacking style Matic is a ball winning midfielder, and there is a big difference between what he and Kante do. I'm a St.Johnstone fan, and player roles in FMM don't match what the players do. Right positions, but not always the correct roles. Rino Gattuso is the perfect example of a ball winning midfielder, do you really not see any difference between him and Kante?
  7. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    Winning the ball in midfield doesn't make him a ball winning midfielder, it's just part of his overall game Roy Keane made plenty of challenges in each game and he wasn't simply a ball winning midfielder Same with Steven Gerrard, although his tacked could be wild There's a massive difference in play between a set ball winning midfielder, and what Kante does
  8. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I don't have a problem with DLPs in the game, the average rating in my teams are just under 7.4 over a season
  9. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    N'golo Kante isn't a ball winning midfielder and Fernandinho is a deep lying midfielder Of course they're important, but their job is easier than a creative player's one is There were years when Buffon should have won awards on a worldwide stage, but didn't, because creative players win games I'm not saying that the in game ratings are intentional, I'm saying that I don't mind lessee ratings for players who do the ugly things
  10. SaintPaul

    "Contain" mentality

    Try short passing, and play from both flanks Basically, have a look at the way Spain have to play short, quick passes, trying to draw out deep defences
  11. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I agree but being a provider, or goal scorer isn't part of their job, and they do get a higher rating when they contribute in either way you mentioned It wouldn't make sense for a ball winning midfielder to be rated 7-8 each week, they don't contribute enough Mile Jedinak is a stereotypical ball winning midfielder, and a good one, but how often do you hear of widespread praise for him?
  12. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    Kante isn't a ball winning midfielder He was a box to box player at Leicester, and is a deep lying playmaker for Chelsea He has the same role as Jordan Henderson, but does it better
  13. SaintPaul

    Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I like the fact that ball winning midfielders don't get high ratings, it mirrors reality As others have said, they do their job (in game), but the role is basically a sacrifice for the rest of the team They win the ball and make short passes, that's not exactly worthy of a rating above 7, but again, they're doing exactly what they're meant to be doing
  14. SaintPaul

    9.0.4 on Android

    Is anyone else still waiting for it to appear in the play store? I'm badly wanting to start a new save, but need to update first. I'm about ready to make a deal with the devil
  15. SaintPaul

    9.0.4 on Android

    I asked about the goals issue on Thursday, and Marc Vaughan said there were tweaks to that area in the next update, but I don't know if that means 9.0.4, or the one after