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  1. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    You might want to tell him that then. He told FourFourTwo magazine that he believed he won the award for his ability to get up and down the pitch, which was essential to Leicester's counter attacking style Matic is a ball winning midfielder, and there is a big difference between what he and Kante do. I'm a St.Johnstone fan, and player roles in FMM don't match what the players do. Right positions, but not always the correct roles. Rino Gattuso is the perfect example of a ball winning midfielder, do you really not see any difference between him and Kante?
  2. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    Winning the ball in midfield doesn't make him a ball winning midfielder, it's just part of his overall game Roy Keane made plenty of challenges in each game and he wasn't simply a ball winning midfielder Same with Steven Gerrard, although his tacked could be wild There's a massive difference in play between a set ball winning midfielder, and what Kante does
  3. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I don't have a problem with DLPs in the game, the average rating in my teams are just under 7.4 over a season
  4. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    N'golo Kante isn't a ball winning midfielder and Fernandinho is a deep lying midfielder Of course they're important, but their job is easier than a creative player's one is There were years when Buffon should have won awards on a worldwide stage, but didn't, because creative players win games I'm not saying that the in game ratings are intentional, I'm saying that I don't mind lessee ratings for players who do the ugly things
  5. Help "Contain" mentality

    Try short passing, and play from both flanks Basically, have a look at the way Spain have to play short, quick passes, trying to draw out deep defences
  6. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I agree but being a provider, or goal scorer isn't part of their job, and they do get a higher rating when they contribute in either way you mentioned It wouldn't make sense for a ball winning midfielder to be rated 7-8 each week, they don't contribute enough Mile Jedinak is a stereotypical ball winning midfielder, and a good one, but how often do you hear of widespread praise for him?
  7. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    Kante isn't a ball winning midfielder He was a box to box player at Leicester, and is a deep lying playmaker for Chelsea He has the same role as Jordan Henderson, but does it better
  8. Chat Defensive Midfielders Ratings

    I like the fact that ball winning midfielders don't get high ratings, it mirrors reality As others have said, they do their job (in game), but the role is basically a sacrifice for the rest of the team They win the ball and make short passes, that's not exactly worthy of a rating above 7, but again, they're doing exactly what they're meant to be doing
  9. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    Is anyone else still waiting for it to appear in the play store? I'm badly wanting to start a new save, but need to update first. I'm about ready to make a deal with the devil
  10. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    I asked about the goals issue on Thursday, and Marc Vaughan said there were tweaks to that area in the next update, but I don't know if that means 9.0.4, or the one after
  11. Chat Team to manage

    PSV would be my choice Their squad is quite average, and not what you'd expect when you think of past PSV sides They have Hirving Lozano, buying him instead of strengthening in a few other areas, which is funny, but not very sensible, Luuk De Jong's career could be rehabilitated too The rest of the squad is made up of decent players, and guys people thought would be good a few years ago, but didn't reach expectations set for them Challenging Ajax and Feyenoord could be fun I'd wait for the 9.0.4 update before a new save though
  12. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I wasn't complaining, as you know, doing well with Celtic isn't out of the ordinary, so taking longer to build a good reputation mirrored reality. I just wondered if it was an intentional change to other years
  13. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Sorry, I don't have a computer, so can't send a save. Also, has anything changed regarding managerial reputation? In two seasons at Celtic, I won consecutive trebles, and reached the last 8 of the Europa league in each season, my reputation was still at regional Is it harder to gain attention this year? Obviously what I won wouldn't be overly surprising for a Celtic manager, so I was hoping the reputation would be harder to achieve, and not a bug.
  14. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Well, what I meant is that B teams will have loan players, and when the bid comes from the first team, it'll show as the B team accepting the bid, rather than the parent club, happened a few times with Sevilla last year
  15. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I've had a couple of saves with Celtic, and the same problem keeps occurring There will be two announcements of the team wining the league, and in the trophy cabinet, it'll show two league title wins in the same season