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  1. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Not sure how difficult it'd be, but I'd like to see "all out attack" and "defend deep" options during the match Too often teams chasing a goal will switch to a 4-2-4 formation, but it makes no visible difference Same with defending, currently men do get behind the ball, but then don't do anything as the opposition cut through like a hot knife through butter. Also, choosing friendly opponents would be good, especially in preparation for a European campaign. It's completely my fault, but after years of playing, I still struggle to see out games from a winning position over the biggest European teams Finally, I'd love stats from the reserve team. It's great that we see how players have done in the youth squad, but if a young striker was to manage 20+Goals in the reserves it'd make the difference between being sent out on loan, or being around my first team squad, leading to (maybe) finding a teenage star
  2. In my current save, Queen's Park have been on "the brink of closure" for almost four years
  3. Help Loan bug?

    It's a bug that's been reported since the update was released. I've been told that it'll be fixed in the next update, I'm not sure if that's fact or just wishful thinking though. Some Loan offers will still come through, it's only if multiple clubs want the same player that causes the fault.
  4. I like that players are sent back, it just adds another touch of realism. While at Oxford, I sent a young player on loan to Bath, and he did well. He went back the next season, but returned in February, I checked his stats and he'd only made four appearances. They obviously didn't have any use for him
  5. I haven't played much , due to the loan big. I started a new career at Celtic though, and I don't know if it's my imagination, but the AI seems to figure out my tactics a lot quicker It's very apparent in second legs of European competitions, I thought it was a coincidence at first, but it's a regular occurrence
  6. Chat What's your best transfer deal?

    I managed to sign Kagawa for £2.8 million (after a long term injury) when I was managing Spurs He was immense for 18 months, then injuries took a toll, and I ended up letting him go on a free after two seasons of struggling
  7. On one save I managed to loan out two players without a problem, but couldn't loan others. It seems strange that the problem would spring up during a save, instead of right from the beginning of it
  8. Same for me, problem only started today.
  9. When I check the 'contract' section on their profiles, I see clubs have made offers, but they don't appear on the news section, so I have no way of loaning players Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. Once my reputation is national, I don't have any problems. It actually gets pretty annoying at times, as if I have the Turkish league loaded, and I'm doing well at my current club, (usually in Scotland or Holland) I'll receive offers from Turkey multiple times during a season.
  11. I took a prolific Chris Wood to Bursaspor, and it's safe to say, it didn't work out
  12. You're probably right, I was just looking at it from a real life situation, but it might get pretty off putting quickly if it would mean no new players could be signed and you're left working with reserves and youth players for long periods in game
  13. I hadn't thought about it from the club's point of view, although, I could see players being touchy about how they're portrayed, I asked Miles on Twitter if players ever complain about their stats and his reply was "every year". That kind of makes sense, as a lot players are said to be very opinionated when it comes to their ratings in newspapers I got the idea from the message that directors are deserting newly relegated clubs, due to financial issues....... then nothing ever happens. A lot of my saves are in Scotland, where finances aren't at all good, but in game, when clubs go bankrupt, they run as normal, some quite successfully.
  14. As you know, with the Sugar Daddy option, we get a message saying that investors want to put funds into the club Wouldn't it be interesting, if during a season, we got a message saying something like 'due to poor financial control at boardroom level, the club is facing administration' From there, any player could be sold, without our consent. I think it'd just add a touch of freshness into a career, and would reflect real life for certain clubs I've no idea how easy /difficult something like that would be to add to the game though I've tried the challenges, but it's not really as satisfying, as it's not a squad that I built.
  15. Thanks, a lot of it made sense. I'm maybe just hoping for too much realism when it comes to certain aspects of the game