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  1. Hi, I'm an FM Touch player, trying to get back into FMM Just wondering if the match engine accurately takes player's stats into account etc? I. I'm struggling to tell, without a 3d match I tested out wingers, and couldn't see any difference between one with a rating of 15 in pace, and another who's rating was 8
  2. I hope that the new features are as plentiful as the colours
  3. I hope that this is the week that the game is available to pre order. It states 'mid October' on their site You'd think that they'd have to have one or two major announcements, to hook those, who'd been planning to buy FMT Surely they wouldn't discontinue that game, and release FMM, with the bare minimum of improvement.
  4. Should I be getting my hopes up for a more detailed tactical section this year? With the news that FMT will only be available on the Switch this year, FMM might see an increase in players. FMM was better than Touch last year, in terms of player dynamics and media and player interactions, but the tactical options still seem too limited
  5. Yes, the button has been pushed, but Marc Vaughan said SI have no control or idea when it'll be available in specific regions
  6. FMM has been available for some people for hours, it's just appearing in different countries every so often, people in Hong Kong and Australia have it
  7. There was an interesting screenshot in which a potential wonder kid wasn't living up to his potential, and a few of his team mates made it clear that they didn't want him in the squad Hopefully there are some repercussions to that, and it's not just 'players a, b and c dislike player d', and it has no bearing on the game at all
  8. Is it known if we can arrange feeder clubs ourselves? On FMT, it's very useful, especially getting around work permits etc. The thing is, you have no say in what club the board will agree a partnership with In Scotland especially, there's absolutely no point in sending a player over the age of 18 to a lower league club (if you have high hopes for him), the standard just isn't good enough Celtic sent Callum McGregor on loan to Notts County years ago, and he still credits them for helping him become as good as he is It'd be a big bonus for Scottish clubs to form partnerships with English League One sides
  9. It's called Scouted Football, the host and his guest discuss a certain region of the world, and its best players under the age of 23 I just thought it'd add a bit of character/personality to the young players you might be looking to sign It's free, I listen on Podcast Addict
  10. Am I wrong in thinking that the game is usually released around 8/9pm, the night before official release day? Not sure if I'm getting my hopes up for nothing
  11. Great read, although, I disagree with Cove reaching the Premiership They're doing well, as they were too good for league 2, and should make the play offs in League 1 They'll have the exact same problems as Peterhead and Elgin have though, lack of finance and a troublesome geographical position I think they'll reach the Championship, and be on the same level as QoS, a good solid side, but doing well to be around mid table They'll be a good challenge in the game, if people have the patience for a fairly slow start
  12. I'm hoping that player roles have been given clearer distinctions on the pitch The pre set tactics work well on FMT, but not sure if the FMM match engine can do the same, if so, it'll be a game changer Too many times on FMM, it just seems, to me, that formations, not really the tactics behind it are what brings success. If you have better players in key areas, you'll win I don't know if I'm getting my hopes up for nothing though
  13. The new features look amazing. Having feeder clubs refreshes the development of young players I play FMT mainly, and for those who don't, the preset tactics will interest you If you don't have the right players for the roles required, things go downhill very quickly (as happens in reality), if they work as well as they do on FMT, it'll allow the more tactically minded amongst you, far more influence on how you want your team to play
  14. With so many people in full lockdown again, I'd have thought that they'd want to start releasing features early this week, to get the attention of casual players, or those who only bought the game during the first lockdown to relieve some boredom. Those people won't be checking social media etc to look for updates on the new game, and probably not even aware that a new game is so close to availability
  15. I hope you're right, as I said, I don't like being negative about the game, I'll still buy it One thing I was hoping for was managerial reputation counting for somthing. It'd be good to be offered jobs due to success with bringing young players through, or being great with finances, rather than just having to win trophies to boost your reputation
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