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  1. U need a player with good movement, passing and stamina
  2. Dont understand the WB and the DW. Arnt they gonna crash? Try another for the wings....
  3. Shitt happens, cant know and remember everything! The tacktic worked greate last year also before an update ruined it... and you are right, this year it is amazing again!
  4. Stolen?😉Pretty like my tacktic for last years FM. But the headline was funny Its allright that the tacktic comes to live again, Tnx! but credit to me is nice @DutchTony Its a good tacktic
  5. Also noticed that. But when the game start they have another shirt on!
  6. Mpappe, Pogba, Lamar and Asensio?! Suggar Daddy? Show your inn/out transfers? Locking lika a solid tactic...
  7. Had a amazing season. No losses is incredible. Had to setups. With god players. Haaland was a beast. And Martial had no chance competing! He had a injury for one month setting him a bit back but still....😅
  8. HI, A lot of fun that shows up on FM. That should be a place to post it. Like this, 25 corners. I have never experienced this before ...
  9. Working super this! Second season with United. Won everything!😎 This is funny. 25(!!) corners🧐
  10. See you been a bit lucky with some results. "Clear cut chances" is a bit low. But probably a god tacktic. Tnx for sharing
  11. I usually start with a ManU save. I prefer to start in England. First i start a normally game and have a look around it. What is new? New talens, who is a scoop to buy... and i always try to discover a good playing tacktic!😄🙏👍