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  1. Have been struggelin after the update, and mine tactic is not working so well, sadly. Been trying to fix it but havent made it yet. Rami, yours is working very well so far, with a middle team.Good job!? Maby letting in to many goals for me in the cups and agains the best teams, but i dosent have the best defend.
  2. looks promising! Il give it a go!:)
  3. I have been testing with WBA now, and it is hard.... After the last update me tactic dosent work... Im trying to fix it. Its not easy! Cant understand why they make an update who destroy everything?! To use only 3 i defend now is impossible! Tried everything!?‍♂️ U eny luck? I text back to u if i make a new one who works!?
  4. You are right! The AF i mean!? I Will try a middle team! Any suggestions of team? Southampton, Burnley ?
  5. Tnx Viks!? I havent played so much either after the update. Just played ca 10 games last night, and i couldn see any different from before the update. what i could see was that the IFs was just as Impressive as before. And the BBM scored and played well. The poachers scored OK. Had also many attempts on goal and the opposition had few. going to play a little to night to test more. Have u seen any different??
  6. I know what He meaned. Just tok a few games with Man U to try. Also testet with Everton end Leeds. And it work just great after the update. How about to try it your self? U see that this tacktic is the best this year!?
  7. Work just perfect!??
  8. Thanks Ronso for the feedback!!??⚽️ Glad u did so well!???
  9. Jepp... throughout the season! No changes. Works fine with any teams i have played with. If the score i draw played 60min, i somethimes turn it to attacking to secure the win!?⚽️ Works for u?
  10. Wow! Amazing!? Happy to hear that!!?? thanks for the feedback!?
  11. Good to heare!?? work for me in every club i have tried... Almost to easy with the big clubs!?
  12. mareno

    EME 4-3-3 Benfica

    Where does i find this on iphone?? Home meny...
  13. Does enybody got a god training program that works with this tactic? just to get the best out of the players. But not a program that the players get upset about.,, and a lot of injuries...?
  14. Wow!! Nice!?? total domination!