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  1. Wow, great job, mate! Unbelivable journey u have done! Impressive to keep on going towards the end!
  2. I have used many strikers, and everybody seem to work okey... Lukaku is great! Rashford also. Dembele in OL worked good in my Juve save. Jesus in Manchester City maby? Mpappe is a beast, but 100mil is not enough...
  3. Wow! So nice to hear! Amazing results for a small club like Cardiff. Now i am actual working on another tactic...
  4. Great run you know😅👍⚽️
  5. Nice @mulama!😀 Greta results👏 Its easy against the small clubs, i like when i smash the big clubs!
  6. Great job, @JgRoller!😀 happy u like it, and working good for u!👏👏
  7. «Perfect tactic»? Have you any proof of good results? Quite a statement, witout any backup....
  8. Its working wonders for me! added 0 minutes later Great tip
  9. Tnx mate!😀 give it a go with this! Give it ten games, i guess nine victories and one draw...👍 just swiching to my Man U save and got this results:
  10. Hi fellow FMM players! I have created one more tactic i have had great results with. This i guess is for the big clubs and i didnt try it with smaller teams. So please dont ask if it work on small clubs! The new Mareno tactic is scoring plenty of goals and conseed less then scoring. It have been greate for me on my Bayern 04 and my Man U save. The tactic is not much fuzz about it and pretty strait forward. The clue is to break down the opposition tru out the match, with many players seem to score. The SS is amazing, with many assist and plenty of goals. And have choosen a AF as striker. It just was scoring more than a poacher. I use one winger as IF and one as Winger. Both is doing well. As sentral midfelders i use a advanted playmaker and the other defensive playmaker. The offensive is doing very well, the definsive noe a little porer. But i thing he is doing an important job for the play. I use two wing backs. They are very important with many assist! The tactic: Some highlight matches: Fixtures: The SS: The AF: Last year i played him as IF, in rotation. At home if the score is draw, i go "all attack" after 60-65min. Give it a go if u find it for good and please give me feedback!😀
  11. Goood! Nice job, mate... you are a good manager! Cheers
  12. Had a simalar incident when i was playing with Real M. Hakimi didnt want to sign a new contract and had big problems with me... And his contract was expiring. I tok a chance... Solg him cheep, with a buy back klausur... Waited 2 weeks an bought him back, and he was happy. But its a risk to take...
  13. Greate stuff! Exiting to see if you are going to keep him... If he goes, a sudden try to buy him back can work...
  14. Its a shame... those attributes are unbelivebal!😥 But i can belive he is amazing when fit!😍