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  1. @AndersJ, well done mate! I have testet and it is very good! Fun with lot of goals. Tnx for sharing😎👍⚽️
  2. No prob. Pedri=HUGE talent! Played SS in swap with Messi. Now with age eating Messi up, Pedri is up for the nr.1 spot!🤩 Greenwood was/is striker(PF). Haaland is nr.1, bud Greenwood is giving him a god fight for the place. I play with two setups, and hardly never sub doring a game. Relacion/cemestri is very important! When the «best» team are tierd, i play with the second best team. The second best team i uselly use talents upcoming players. When i buy a player i always offer them squad rotation status. With a club like Barca, they always accept. To keep them happy u know😅👍
  3. Jupp. Haven’t used so mutch time to corners. The PF scores a good amount of goals, and the SS. I dont know why😂 Tested the tactic?
  4. Here is my Leeds save. This is the first season with this tactic:
  5. No sugar daddy, if you think that. Sold players and kept wages down and transfered that into buy players. net spend this season $ 300M. That what i got in transfer bud from club after putting more in to transfers.
  6. A tip to get the best out of the IF. The right with left foot and the left one right foot🤩👍
  7. Here u go. Standard near post. Striker attack near post. DC mark keeper, DC attack far post😊
  8. Forgott when i finisched the season, just startet a new one. I update in the weekend👍
  9. Hi, working on a 2-2-2-3-1 tactic. Second season with Barcelona. Right now it's just too easy. They have a fantasic squad and i have made dem even better😎 Have a squad rotation system. With two complete teams. And i almost never sub the players during a match. The best team play the big games and the second best team play the others. The tactic is suprising solid in defence. And scores plenty. In Barce its to easy. In the league only one draw, the rest win. Here it is: Fixtures: League: Some matches: Stats ass: Goals: Average rating in the League: The season overal: Try if you find it interesting. If it looks like crap- dont try it!😜👍
  10. U need a player with good movement, passing and stamina