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  1. nick2528

    Is it getting easier?

    hopefully they can add a difficulty option then. As with the entire gaming industry these days, kids want instant gratification and success and will not play or purchase difficult games. Instead of lowering or riaisng it as a whole maybe we an just add a diffculty option in as personally i play for the challenge, it's quite boring winning a treble with brighton in 2 seasons then winning the cl in the third!
  2. nick2528

    Transfer list

    yes it seems the game starts with none and over time as players have fallouts with their managers they start to show up. My game had none at the start but then i'd see news articles such as Eric Dier falling out with poch and then suddenly he was on the transfer list (although for £60mil)
  3. nick2528

    Squad morale

    yes morale seems really up and down but i found it didn't really effect the game. I also found that whatever interaction i tried would make morale worse, literally any combination, even going back to the same player and trying the opposite would just send them to "very poor" I've played two seasons with brighton and Anthony Knockeart was "poor" for almost the entire period. Still top scorer both seasons...
  4. Is anybody finding the game quite easy this year? I've just finished 2 seasons with brighton..... 1st season i came 6th 2nd season i won the league, won the carabao cup and won the europa league what's the general feeling?
  5. nick2528

    Mercurial talent

    its just a cliche phrase in english football, a bit like describing people a "world class"
  6. nick2528

    The Good and the Bad of FMM17

    yes good post, the sacking is OTT, i loaded jnew game and both klopp and guardiola were gone by November... bit annoying if im honest
  7. nick2528

    FMM17 Bug List

    can somebody confirm if this is a bug or not, during world cup and euro years, practically my entire squad is away on international duty for the champions league final?!?! I was just forced to play a champions league final and the last two games of the Serie A season with 4 graduates for the reserves who were auto promoted! I had 17 squad players unavailabe......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. nick2528

    Pressing & Counter

    ive never had good results with the two. If you have fast defencers with a high "decisions" rating you can combine pressing and offside trap to good effect! but thats it imo
  9. i dont want to sound cynical but the second i read that this "feature" was in the game i knew it was just so they could then sell us the ability to remove it as they know it will be game breaking.
  10. nick2528

    FMM17 Bug List

    ive had the blank manager history bug, it doesnt show me any stats for previous seasons, other than cup placement. Ive also had a problem where when i try to load a game it fails and says i dont have sufficient space for the data. I'm on a galaxy s6 and have plenty of space and memory, usually if i press ok then try again it works fine. sometimes takes 2 retries....
  11. yes sorry, Lamela not Son, son was the one i rotated out with regards to the prevention physios, is this definitely how it works then? As it it's been confirmed /stated somewhere by SI? I feel like we have to guess at features alot of the time and just assume thats how it works. thanks
  12. it feels very samey but it's early days so i wont comment too much. perhaps im cynical but i do wonder what these new "features" actually do. Does footedness have any impact on game at all or is it just a gimmick, i know they say it will, but does it??? I played Son both left and right wing at spurs for a few games to test it and he played the same on each, chipped in with goals and got similar ratings.... I also wonder is the backroom staff is just a waste of time? I would like to see solid facts about how it works in the engine, does a prevention physio reduce the chance of injury by a certain % ? Bronze badge 10% less chance? Silver badge 15% less chance? etc etc? Do we have any facts on how this works?
  13. nick2528

    Remove roles in FMM2017

    add more in the future? surely this is the future? You've just released a new game, dont start saying things like that already. I've not played much yet but honestly so far it feels exactly the same as 2016 only with updated player stats and footedness which i'm honestly not sure effects anything at all,....
  14. ive been using this and have found it good, but hit and miss, however i think my team lacks strength so i struggle in the Premier League more than i should. It's quite frustrating to beat barca 3-0 away then lose 2-0 to west brom at home next game. I won the Champions League but came 4th in the league I'll make some adjustments to the squad this season and try again
  15. nick2528

    Clear team / then pick team

    i think its a shame the button is even in the game, personally i refuse to use it, what are you actually doing if you use this. Literally you are the admin assistant for your team. Continue, Continue, Continue, Clear Team, Pick Team, Continue Continue Continue, rinse and repeat for 5 hours and bam you've done a season.