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  1. Ive been meaning to change mine to a sweeper keeper , just to see if it stops him being rooted to the goal line , I mean the ball can be literally a foot or two away and he just stares at it and waits for the forward to wander over to it and score LoL !
  2. To ?, read the thread theres plenty of info on results/league tables etc !
  3. Hi its been a while , but yes the same as pic , just in the prem I tweaked the mids playing roles !
  4. I must admit i was a bit surprised myself , as i dont look at the table during the season !
  5. Not sure any of that , makes sense ? surely if someone pays £6.99 (or whatever it is ) for sugar daddy , surely they would be more inclined to use it and get there moneys worth ?
  6. Sorry ive managed to double post somehow , can i delete one ? Cant see an option to do so ?
  7. Interesting idea , keep us updated how it goes , thanks :-)
  8. Wish you could turn off sugar daddy for a whole season , to stop temptation !
  9. Ah thats great :-) .......... its seems i cant copy my own tactic correctly !! As ive just noticed ive got one of the ball playing central defenders as a plain central defender , so my progress posting ie halfway league table is with one of the ball playing central defenders as a plain central defender !!! :-D
  10. Hi , many thanks for the feedback , its good to know it works elsewhere :-)
  11. Half way point of the season and im quite astounded how well this is working ?