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  1. CasKirensys


    I really like the look of this! Will give it a season and report back.
  2. CasKirensys

    Winter Update

    Younger players get jaded so quickly it's insane. I bought Emile Smith-Rowe, and he played 2 games in a week, then said he was "Jaded and needs a rest" for 5 games! And then I brought Bazunu on for 20 mins because my keeper got injured, and it said he was being overplayed! That was only his 5th appearance, and it was in January!
  3. CasKirensys

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    I don't know how you do it haha, I am top of the table, switched to this 5 games ago - I've conceded 4+ in each of those. Just lost 11-1 go Arsenal in my last game...
  4. CasKirensys

    Intensive Training 2016

    Are there any attributes people know of to look for in a player, that makes it likely they won't get on with this training regime? I seem to have a lot of bad luck with players finding this too intensive - And I'd rather not drop the motivation, if it can be helped.
  5. CasKirensys

    Brexit: A Footballing Viewpoint

    We are still going to be in Europe. The EU =/ Europe.
  6. Manager Name: Karl Akers Nationality: English Leagues: English, Spanish, Italian, and German Team: Sheffield United Thank you very much if anyone can do this.
  7. CasKirensys

    theKraken: Sunny's 4-3-2-1

    I gave it a go.. I then suddenly went on a goal drought.
  8. CasKirensys

    theKraken: Sunny's 4-3-2-1

    I absolutely love this tactic, work's brilliantly! Currently got Tenerife in La Liga, and in second place! (I'm in my 4th season.) But I'm wondering if you think having 2x DLM's, 1x CM, 2x InF's and 1 AdF will work at all? I know it's quite a big change, but I tend to find more InF's and DLM's than I do anything else, with my kind of budget. (Which is minimal! In the 4 seasons so far I've barely spent £6m)
  9. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    There are a few there, thanks
  10. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    Yeah, but I can't find any striker whatsoever with those stats. The closest is Higuain with 16,15 and 14. (This is using the player search).
  11. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    Higuain is the closest to having 15 in those stats, out of everyone in the world, according to player search
  12. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    I was just thinking about how I can try that, I just need to get me a decent Poacher. Do you think Higuain, Bojan or Walcott can do the job? I am looking at a way to offload Lukaku anyway, as the amount of injuries he gets is just not worth having him.
  13. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    Ok, thanks for the answer I think I'll have a tinker with my own tactics then, try and get something going with the kind of passing style I love. Not that your tactic doesn't work, it's fantastic for results, I just love a certain style of football!
  14. CasKirensys

    Dec's 4-3-3i 2011

    Hi, I was just wondering if you think this tactic could work with short passing instead of direct? It just seems that it could be the direct passing that has been causing problems with Fabregas and Wilshere's form.