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  1. Brilliant idea mate, I can’t wait for the results in second season
  2. Firmino scoring a Hattrick but after the game showing this:
  3. Name: Dennis Man Position: AM RC, ST Preferred role: Inside forward Club: FCSB (Romania) Nationality: Romanian Value: 4,2€ Starting Stats: Stats after 2 seasons: He is very good for average teams but can do well for the European giants. Like in real life, in FMM he is very professional, likes to train a lot and always wants to improve. His strength is running for through balls (movement quickly reaching 20). A negative could be the asking price, you can get him at around 15M € (in Romanian media, rumors sais that FCSB refused this offer from Man UTD) also having a release clause of 100M€ Here you can see a bit of him:
  4. Looking forward to a great update ,i was expecting for you to post something crazy *grabs popcorn*
  5. OMG, what's going on here? Aren't they alowed to use pro goalkeepers?
  6. In a way or another ,you've got promotion at last I love this story! <3
  7. I'm falling in love with Kone's stats I'm sure that he'll be a beast this season!
  8. Hi all, I saw that you have a PSN topic, but here are PC gamers also. It will be great if we share our steam profile and to become friends and to play together. So,who wants to share it with us ,post a link with the profile. I'll start: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198179394199/
  9. If you can get him at about 75 goals for a few season you'll easily smash this, tbh you had a great starting season ,so close to the UCL final. Although, did Real won it? :P
  10. Doing well, I don't know your players but you may need some better wingers and clearly others CD and Gk, 73 goals conceded are too much considering tbat Aldershot who finished behind you only concedes 42 ,if they had a better attack they could have reached the playoff easily. Wish you good luck and I bet that you'll finish top 5 next season