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    Jason Horger
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    Lexington, Kentucky
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  1. BluegrassAnfield


    Gonna give that a try, Kyle--thanks!
  2. BluegrassAnfield


    I've loaded the same logos I used from FMH15 (with some adjustments) from my hard drive instead of using the new Standard pack....same goes for faces.
  3. BluegrassAnfield


    Strangely, I have problems with the game crashing on my iPad only when I try to access either Scotland or Italy. This happens regardless of whether I use either as a playable country. Any ideas (apart from not trying to access either Scotland or Italy)?
  4. BluegrassAnfield

    FMH2015 Standard Logos 2015/16 Update

    Hey, Dec--thanks so much for this! I did want to mention that one of the competitions was mislabeled as a club in the competition file folder, so it won't replace the competition logo in the game. So club_102423 should really be named comp_102423 .
  5. BluegrassAnfield

    FMH2015 Standard Logos Megapack 2.0

    Many thanks, rseven!
  6. BluegrassAnfield

    FMH2015 Standard Logos Megapack 2.0

    I loaded both the original HD pack and the update, but am still missing logos for the following Spanish clubs: Lealtad, Atletico Astorga, UP Langreo, and UD Somozas. If someone can give me the specific club UIDs, I'll be glad to post the logos for all four in Pictures here, with the right filenames! (Would've posted sooner, but I've been filling in player pics with rseven's excellent All Players Index. And working.)
  7. BluegrassAnfield

    FMH2015 Standard Logos Megapack 2.0

    Thanks, Dec. Did I sound worried? I wasn't worried. :--)
  8. BluegrassAnfield

    FMH2015 Standard Logos Megapack 2.0

    Dec--is there another logo update in the works? I ask because I've found 41 logos still missing (mostly European, but a few South American), and some of the Italian and Spanish clubs in the group are actually playable clubs. I've put the logos in the standard 50x36 format so that they're ready to be added to the game, only I don't have access to the club numbers. (There was also one I didn't think was correct, so I replaced it.) Is there any way I can have the club numbers to help out with the update?
  9. BluegrassAnfield

    [Confirmed] FMH 2015 Pre Game Editor

    Outstanding! Thanks for your work in getting it together. (Even though I see now that, being on iOS, I won't be able to use it.)
  10. BluegrassAnfield

    [Update] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    It works like a charm! (All I've done so far is to change 'John' Flanagan's name to 'Jon', but I can certainly see the potential here.) :--)