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  1. Both players not wanting to sign at all but guess that can happen it's just I've signed both these players in 2017 and 2018 editions with no issues and both have turned out really well for the club. In my save Rangers and Celtic nipping and tucking for top, Aberdeen, Killie and Hibs kicking seven bells out of each other for 3rd St Mirren, St Johnstone, Hearts and Motherwell fighting for a top 6 place. All pretty realistic apart from possibly At Mirren doing as well and arguably Rangers!
  2. I'm not given the option of assigning a role. I offer the price the club asks and when I go to negotiation screen the role is already accepted as a hot prospect?
  3. Ah I was hoping that wasn't the case as I normally always sign Cadden and he works out well! Thanks guys
  4. Hey im being really dumb I think...I can't offer a role? I enquire, both clubs will "reluctantly accept £1.5m" I offer it the club accepts. negotiation screen already has hot prospect greyed out but accepted?
  5. Tried that but the role is greyed out as hot prospect with a green thumbs up. I've attached a photo.
  6. They were both going to be rotational or eventual first team but when I offered it came up hot prospect. I'll try and reoffer it could be the role was too low. Thanks
  7. Hi I'm looking for some help please. I've tried to sign a few players,both offers accepted by clubs but when negotiating the contract it states" the player doesn't believe a move to your club would benefit his career at this time". It leaves me unable to negotiate as the mood is zero and all options are greyed out. Players in question are Chris Cadden Motherwell and Greg Kiltie Kilmarnock I'm playing as Rangers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks