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  1. Qaz-123

    Poll What Formation will you be using

    Hi what's fm touch 2017 on iPad? Is it the new fm?
  2. Qaz-123

    New tactic!!

    Semi final decent enough! Put it in last pic Thanks for tactic !
  3. Qaz-123

    New tactic!!

    Trophies I won http://i.imgur.com/cizFt1z.png How my inside forwards performed : http://i.imgur.com/kFPHrjh.png http://i.imgur.com/BptH9j4.png Strikers in advanced forward position: http://i.imgur.com/o5IOmIR.png http://i.imgur.com/FNaRHa8.png And second season so far: http://i.imgur.com/fipVTXy.png Here's overall pic of last season http://i.imgur.com/DAFCOPO.png
  4. Qaz-123

    New tactic!!

    Love this tactic I never play in enhanced but this tactic awesome! I thought I'd try it out on enhanced n it's bringing success n trophies! Thanks
  5. Whata a disappointment of a game...... I've returned to fm13, the good old days! Having tons of fun again, just felt like it lol
  6. Qaz-123

    2014 help!!! game breaks

    How do I update it? Do I delete n reinstall the app?
  7. im in 2020 and when i click on one of my players n swipe right the game just stops for a second and the app closes, its done this on a previous save for me. is this a bug and can it be fixed? also the players are both regens if that helps
  8. Qaz-123

    2015 Do tactics get found out?

    Ah right thanks a lot for replying appreciate it
  9. Hi , I havnt played fm15 in ages because it just wasn't as fun as fm14 for me, I been wanting to start again and would just like to know if I start on the original engine does the tactic that u use stop working after say a season? Or can u use one tactic throughout the duration of the career ole you could do in fm14? Thanks for any help
  10. What training do use with zivkovic because when I brought him he was u happy with decs training even after turning motivation down
  11. Qaz-123

    2014 5.3 update

    Ah right lee-Roy thanks a bunch
  12. Qaz-123

    2014 5.3 update

    I've just started playing fmh 14 on iphone again after not playing the game for quite a while, I've noticed that some formations that were largely successful for me don't do the job anymore. Has this got something to do with match engine changing and if so what tactics are successful after this update? Thanks
  13. Is the opening post everything I need for training?