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  1. Tottenham test over two seasons, Kane is a beast
  2. Got my revenge in the final next season 😂
  3. Yea not really aimed for lower teams sorry, meant to be good football to watch for higher teams
  4. Yea just finished the season now, had a very frustrating semi final loss in cl to city, created plenty of clear cut chances just couldn’t score 😩 but overall good season, both strikers managed to get over 30 goals, carrasco was my main if coming in from the right but being right footed did miss a few chances and perhaps cost me in cl would prefer having a left footed player. In away games this season I tended to use the anchor man set to man marking esp against bigger teams and seemed to work well.
  5. Tested with atletico and Chelsea. With Chelsea I won the prem and cl. Knocked out off the fa cup playing a weaker side thinking it would be an easy game 😅 and played a right footed player as my left winger only to realise with like 4 games of the season to go lol 🤦🏽‍♂️ Had a Very good season with ateltico and so far in second season with better players it has been very promising.
  6. Did a very quick test in England with Chelsea, used the control mentality instead of attacking and did what I said above
  7. Yea sure, I don’t think it was work as well say in England tougher league may need some tweaks, it was just a fun save with a big team. Here some random ones
  8. In away legs of the champions league if I had a lead and it was against a big team I switched to this formation
  9. Away to a big team like ateltico or Barca I used this
  10. This is a very fun attacking 4231 that I have used in Spain with Real Madrid which is fun to watch. I don’t think it will be suited to a small team. Not been tested in other nations. In certain games I will switch the tactics up and this is mainly against big teams away.
  11. Update- this tactic was used from 2020/21 season
  12. I started using this tactic from the 24th October v Leicester, before this I was tweaking the tactics to get it right. As u can see by my semi final result v ac Milan I went down to 10 men early on but all u have to do is take off the striker and u can still dominate the game.