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  1. Go ahead mate. I've always wondered if you would ever release the scouting app. I look forward to it
  2. 20 in dribbling, passing and movement with 17 pace for a 20-year lad is just incredible. Some of us won't mind a lesson in training players to get this good. Great stuff Rob
  3. It's tiredness mostly. It will still be there even after the match. Try bringing in a player from outside the matchday squad then you will notice the sign. Just rest the player for a match or two and it will disappear.
  4. With a good setup(formation, tactics & recruitment), you should win the EPL in season 2. That's what I've done with them in my present save. I use them to test any of my new tactics and sometimes continue if the tactics is good. Best of luck
  5. Only somebody very sure of his set-up will make the kind of choices you make. I missed the last 2 updates or so but look forward to this one. Good luck
  6. Impressive return from him and good graphics too. Well done
  7. It's a brilliant start from the two. Keeping them happy will now be the challenge as they will soon start looking for new challenges and with no funds from the board.. Good luck
  8. Brilliant season. Bruno F is just getting started to me. Well done Foxy
  9. I'm facing this same situation with a particular system I created. It's become really frustrating that I had to dropped the game entirely at a point. It's not the players and I don't think it's the system too. I've tried the tactics with Man City, Liverpool, PSG, etc. They will dominate the opposition in every area but find it hard to score. 70% possession, over 12 shots on target but no goals.
  10. Always coming up with surprises. This is sure going to be interesting. Good luck 🤞
  11. I had him in my Atalanta save last year. Not a bad player I must say. Let's see if he's the one to finally beat Jeff
  12. Excellent start here Foxy. Your set up looks like the set up I'm currently using except that I push the 2 wing backs to the wide midfield position.
  13. Good one mate but the tiki taka tactics is the reason you are getting too many draws. It doesn't really suit teams in the lower leagues. My opinion though. Looking forward to the next update