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  1. 2015 Vibe Own a Club

    Ended second, not first. < I like this idea to get everyone involved, good job! The awards would be an awesome idea. Maybe you can make the Vibe people vote for their favorite player, flop of the season, best signing. This way you can keep everyone involved.
  2. 2014 Game crash

    I don't really care about my saves ;p. And what's the game.cfg for? It's for your unlockables Oh, I don't have any anymore
  3. 2014 Game crash

    I don't really care about my saves ;p. And what's the game.cfg for?
  4. 2014 Game crash

    thats a pity.. Will try to delete the game and then reinstall the whole game + update. Will update thuis asap.
  5. 2014 Game crash

    Never had a problem with that :/
  6. 2014 Game crash

    No not really. One time it happens when editting the tactics, the other time it happens when checking the transferlist. It varies.
  7. 2014 Game crash

    What version of FMH14 do you have? I bought it so I guess I have the newest one EDIT: 5.3.2
  8. 2014 Game crash

    I have the Google Nexus 10 (tablet). It's Android ofcourse.
  9. 2014 Game crash

    That's what I did
  10. 2014 Game crash

    I've downloaded the 3 September-transfer update and since then my game just randomly crashes within .. 10 minutes after I start it. Anyone here who has a solution for that?
  11. You turned "Show hidden files" on in your windows explorer? Yes I did, I still have no clue what to do.
  12. Maybe you're just missing seeing it when mounted? Correct, when it's connected to my PC I can't see it. Though when I use AirDroid, I can find it. Anyone knows what to do?
  13. I can make new games, but I'm unable to locate or see it, it's not a hidden map or anything. If I type the path myself I'm not able to see it. If I use AirDroid though, I can see the map, but the upload is so slow.. (just 100 files a time and a map makes it crash).
  14. Connect your device via USB, it will mount and you will be able to file explore. Go into the phone storage and then find the fmh2014_data folder and within there theres a folder called data. That's what I'm trying to say... it's not there when I look for it in Windows. The only things I see are: save_games (folder) user_data (folder) retina_pics (zip) retina_installed (text doc) fmh2014_update1 (text doc) Are you able to start a brand new game?