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  1. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Hopefully Jay is fine
  2. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    we will have to have patience
  3. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    good news
  4. Chat Save Editor

    fantastic news
  5. Graphics Rounded Rectangle Flags

    basque country? why?
  6. Chat Can't unlock unlockables

    Ganar Liga y Champions?
  7. 2015 Start Page for fmhvibe [Preview]

    I see very well,good job
  8. 2015 UEFA Champions League Skin/Theme

    Menubar icons are not on the skin. where could I get? thx and by the way, great job
  9. 2015 UEFA Champions League Skin/Theme

    no logos appearing left, in Original or are not on the skin?
  10. 2015 Athletic Bilbao Skin for WVGA

    Incredible, thank you very much !! by the way, where I can get photos of the players of that style?
  11. 2015 [Release] FMH 2015 Pre Editor v1.00a

    Jay, I think seeing the screenshots, I would not be difficult to pass it on to Spanish, and without needing a translator
  12. 2015 FM15 Handheld editor?

    Pre editor: http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/23956-confirmed-fmh-2015-pre-game-editor/ save editor, you have to buy it,ingame
  13. [Confirmed] FMH 2015 Pre Game Editor

    if you don't mind,I'd appreciate it Incredible, Thanks I would like to pass it on to Spanish, but my English is google translate Can you do from Portuguese to spanish? I do not understand what you mean