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  1. Edit: I have updated several competencies of the list so that it comes out in the Spanish language. I don't think that many Spanish enter here, but it would be nice to have the changes in several languages. Would there be any way to publish it on the web? obviously all the work is yours, I just passed it to Spanish. In case you can do something here, I'll leave it to you Thanks changes (Spanish V1).txt
  2. How can I do it to edit Spanish? I'm trying to change but it doesn't work thnks
  3. I use the same account, otherwise I could not have the game. I think it's the game.cfg file but it didn't do anything
  4. If this doesn't go here, excuse me. And sorry for my bad English I'm playing FMM20 in the emulator (More comfort) I have managed to win the African Cup with Nigeria, thus obtaining the unlocking of the national teams. I also have another unlockable, and insginias What I want to know is, what file do I need to have it on my mobile? thanks
  5. Thanks, Now to put it for Spanish (the competitions)
  6. Menubar icons are not on the skin. where could I get? thx and by the way, great job