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  1. Wow didn't even think about that. Thanks that solved it. To help with the transfer bug AC Milan player manual locatelli is stuck going to sassuolo this was already agreed before starting the save.
  2. Having the same issue playing as AC Milan. I've tried switching to multiple leagues and multiple team settings and cannot submit a bid for any contract players or free agents during transfer months.
  3. Same bug here! winning through penalties always counts as a draw/aggregate loss/win. Please fix this!
  4. Really weird, i guess ill delete and re-add
  5. You're right about the size downloaded hd and it looks much better oops. And Roma logo is messed up. it looks faded and isn't properly sized in any of the different size packs.
  6. Roma Logo in SerieA is bugged.. All these logos look huge!
  7. i wish i could download this why doesnt it work?