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  1. Jeroenvk94's last run

    Indeed! If I can ask what are your instructions? Cause I usually play direct and narrow With my 4-3-1-2, I've found out that with more direct passing players will find through balls more often while still mantaining possession due to their position which is very close to each other. But then again I'm far from being a tactical master
  2. Jeroenvk94's last run

    Loving the read so far, I am very interested to see how this 4-3-1-2 will do in the Prem. Sallai is a must buy if you are looking for a solid AP, for that price even more. I've managed to make him win the Ballon d'Or in a couple of seasons with my Palermo side retraining him forthe DLF role. Looking forward to this! Keep it up
  3. Tactics Solid 3-4-3, 2017 version

    Testing it with Watford and RB Leipzig atm, I will post results at some point
  4. Hi guys this is the 2017 version of my 3-4-3, which I posted here for the 2016 version. I've won the Serie A in the first season with Palermo and I'm currently testing it in other nations. These are my results aswell as my tactics screen. Leave me feedback with your results
  5. Help Bentancur

    Where is he? Does anyone know why he's not in the database?
  6. If you are still looking for a CB, try to take a look at Abel Gigli. He's a really good free agent
  7. I'm absolutely following this. As an Italian i'd love to see Parma battling for the Scudetto
  8. New update is available!

    Do you guys know if I have to start another career in order to apply the update?
  9. Italian Serie C/A and Serie C/C is missing some logos. Serie A's Cagliari has the old logo, they have a new one now
  10. Hi guys, I came across a result that I was not expecting. My all italians team beat Atletico 10-0 in the second leg of the Champions' League first round. So guys, what is your best result against big teams?
  11. Tactics Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    Hi, great to see that has worked for you, winning the league in 1st season and finishing 2nd on goal difference in the second one with Newcastle is really impressive. By the way, I usually use one more attacking minded wing, and the other more defensive. I don't know if it makes a big difference but I tend to use the more defensive one (usually a trained fullback) near the Advanced Playmaker.
  12. Tactics Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    Glad it worked for you man
  13. Tactics Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    I don't Change anything if I'm Winning, I switch to attacking if i'm Dominating ins Shots and possession while stuck in a draw or losing.
  14. Tactics Solid 3-4-3 [EME]

    Hi! I think I started it woth the february update. The challenge is basically to complete a season without losing, rhe game Makes you start in January and you have to be unbeatean until the end of the season. I started with Ajax in the Dutch league and made no Permanent signings , I've only brought in Tony Sanabria on loan from Roma. Thanks for the feedback
  15. Hi guys, today I want to show you this tactic that I've tried in the 'Invincibles' challenge with Ajax. I ended up winning Eredivise, the national cup and finally the Euro Cup against Liverpool. The tactic seems a bit too attacking but it is actually been pretty solid defensively. The DLF will score you and assist you a lot, the AF is going to create the most chances and will partner up well with the BBM when he getsforward. The P will provide goals mainly from wingers' crosses. I usually use switch to attacking when i'm dominating in both chances and possession, and if still struggling I change to 'Both flanks' Hope this tactic will work for you as it did for me and sorry for any english mistakes Good game