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  1. Nice Job on research Im going to Give this a try as a united fan, any suggestions on what attributes to look for in your WM.
  2. FINALLY I can focus on one guy without my AP outscoring Him, Apart from the fact my sub Striker is scoring more i may have to put my pride to the side and use him instead, Do you have any recomemndation for games where its Still 0- 0 With 20 mins left, Ive moved my wing backs up a slot that sometimes works,
  3. What tweaks do you make midgame, ive thought id try to see if its better than a tactis of my own, so far on level,
  4. Totally agree, on my Longer Carear mode i changed my shape every 2-3 seasons i find its never alot different to a 433 though as thats depending on players i have,
  5. The Tactic im Most Succesful With Is My Version of The 433, its just a 433 with a DM, Basically a 4123 its one that thrives on alot of relationships, i have not set instructions as i cahnge alot depending on opposition
  6. No problem, i missed this last year, and i seen someone talk about it on here somewhere and was curious so i looked it up,
  7. WHAT A CHALLENGE and well done, Good Showing Sir, i enjoyed your nicknames alot 🤣, If only i had the dedication to run a game past 8 seasons, id manage to complete some of these challenges i start.
  8. I decided i fancied a change and went with the Nigeria Job, this tactic works perfect for them as they literally have a 8:3 Ratio on Attackers to Defenders in the national Selection, won most games 10 - nil in africa cup of nations, so looking forward to the world cup
  9. I started my career playing a custom 433 with torquay down in vanarama 3 straight promotions then took 3 seasons to get out of championship, finally got to the prem now struggling for consistency with my tactic so I decided to find a solid tactic where I don't concede many. Picked Up this tactic, and I can Confirm it's put a wall up in front of my goal. Do u have any recommendations for this tactic to get push to get a goal without conceding that annoying last minute winner.
  10. Its largely based on international appearances/reputation etc whether or not they get a work permit. Always hard to sign a uncapped, unknown 17 yr old Brazilian to a British team. How many Caps do they need as the players i want have 8 caps and 4 caps for brazil.
  11. Hi can anyone help me, i am managing man utd, i like looking abroad for players as i find they are cheaper but when i buy them they are not eligible for a work permit, does anyone know when foreign players become eligible. or what determines they are eligible. any help would be appreciated
  12. What training regime do you do? if any. Also i have noticed when i create my own formations i get different results from selecting different Base Formations to start with for example if i want to create your formation i could do it from 433 or 41221 and the results are complete different. is this something any one else has noticed or am i just weird?
  13. Is 17 and 18 dribbling poor??? I thought it was good. I will try a player with less teamwork.
  14. Yeah i have only gone from Knowledge of the players i buy. like RVP is left footed so i put him as an right sided inside forward sometimes. http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2783 http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2782 I am using these two at the minute but Kagawa isnt that great for me and fischer is still young so would like a replacement for him. i have though about having saurez at INF but i reckon i will end up playing him up front and having 6 strikers that i dont wanna sell.
  15. http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2777 http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2778 http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2776 here is the rest of my season apart from the last few games still in the Champions league and Looks like i will win the league. here is the formation i use to claw back the game from a team playing 4411 and getting the better of me, (very rare though) http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2781 http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2779 http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=2780 I would like to thank AlexP for this Tactic, i always like the 41221 i use this sort of formation on FIFA, but i have never managed to get full success from it, Untill Now. Thank you