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  1. Is the place on the board unlockable unlocked after 10 seasons of success Im managing real madrid and in the last 10 years I have won everything yet I still havent unlocked it?
  2. I see why many people are complaining that the fight was a let down after all the hype but as someone who has participated in boxing I found mayweathers perfomance a masterclass he stoped pacquiao a fighter who is known for his speed and power from doing any real damage. Mayweather had a plan and he executed it to perfection, people dont realise this wasnt a "fight" but a boxing match and there is more to boxing then just standing in the middle of the ring and punching eacothers faces off until someone drops. I wanted pacman to win as I personally like him more than mayweather but I give credit where its due mayweather showed why he is undefeated and the best boxer of his generation.
  3. Do you have to score 50 goals in one season or can it take 2 for example destro for me scored 48 goals ib his first season and then in the supercup scored 2 does that still count?
  4. Hey, can any fans of Football Manager tell me where I can get the game cheaper, 50 euro is too much on steam for me.
  5. Hey, I was just wondering if I would have to rebuy the game if I was to get a new phone?
  6. Why is Fm still so damn expensive in Ireland Ive been waiting ages for a price drop but it still costs 50 euro...
  7. While FMC does appear to look amazing you litterly need the best of the best tablets to run it, also its depresing seeing so many leagues and such a huge database size while were stuck with the same old leagues for years, SI claim that its not replacing FMH but with the features and variety FMC boasts it looks like they are. Its depressing seeing how many more leagues and nations it will have..Also the game will retail at 14.99 pounds or just over 20 euro considering I paid around 13 euro for FMH i find it heartbreaking as I would have happily paid 20 euro for some new leagues and a fully working game...