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  1. Another question: there is a way to have a table with club id and club reputation? I'd like to link the club id in the player record with the club reputation, but it's not easy because find the club ID return so many occurrences in the file...
  2. I tried with home reputation... I found it in the file but this is not so reliable about the final value asked by the owner club. However, thanks for the help scratch, I made a lot of progress!
  3. The problem is that I looking for a way to distinguish a player that is "easy" to buy from a one that is impossible for me that have a serie C team. And the value in main record doesn't help for that, because it is based on the technical values of the player, not on the situation of the team. So a Real Madrid's young player has this value similar to a serie C player... Thanks again for your kindness and your help!
  4. Ok thanks mate, I found it! In past version (2014) I found the request value, so the value that the club need to accept an offer for this player. But now all is changed... Do you ever found this value?
  5. Thanks for reply Scratch! I read the first page of this topic. I found all, the only information that I can't see is the contract expiring and the sale value, that in the past versions are a few byte next the hex value of people ID of the player. Can you help me in this search?
  6. I read the guide but I have only one simply question: what is the fastest way to see the potential ability of a player? Even using an hex editor. Thanks
  7. Thanks for reply mate! I don't how many reports I saw from scouts, no one report "good free kick taker", only "not so good in free kick"... I can't find a free kick taker for my team
  8. Hi everybody! I'm in career in Italian Serie C. In my team I need a free kick taker, but I don't know how to choose it. What's your strategy about this? Looking for a particular attribute (eg shoot) or read scouts reports? Thanks in advance
  9. there is no way to add search or sort by contract expiring?
  10. Great app! There is no way to solve the problem with the expiring contract date that seems doesn't work? No more update expected?
  11. I've swapped my reserve team with a team in a serie c league, all works well until, three seasons later, I have the leagues with wrong number of teams, some with a team more others with a team less, and at the switch of the season I can't save my game because it crash at the load. So I can not play anymore. I did not make any changes to the game. I ask to sega support but no help from them. I'm very sad if someone want to try to restore the right number of team in the series I can send my working savegame before the switch of the season
  12. the answer is "Unfortunately we cannot repair corrupted savegames"
  13. I really don't think so, in fmh14 I edited all with an hex editor, and never had a problem. In this I've only swapped two teams, so it's impossibile that two years later the savegame was corrupted by this change and the game never crash before, nor the savegame is in a critical moment of the season like the change of a season... I sent the savegame to sega, but one day they ask me to uninstall all, another day they ask me the error message, another day if the game is updated... We are far from the solution of the problem Thanks again for help mate
  14. yes but two seasons ago for swap reserve team with save editor of Jaymarvels. However is not possible that the error is present after 2 seasons. The different date format depend by the Android System, and the region rules, in Italy this is the right format, but I've loaded saves with slash in date without problem. This problem was present after a normal save, a normal exit of the game, and the strange is that the two automatic saves have the same problem, so there is a problem occourred in the game during the normal use of it, it's very very very annoying. However, thanks to all for try and for help me, you are really kind.
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7422qmjbbe9cunr/CorruptedSave.zip?dl=0 Thank you very much for this, I don't know who to ask