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  1. Android now works, looks amazing on both devices thanks for these files.
  2. HI, Ive tried this on my S10 plus, followed all proceses including un-intalling and re-installing and WHU is still missing on Android. Also tried on my IPad and this has worked thanks. Going to try Android again from scratch.
  3. All logos working for the Premier League except the West Ham logo, can this be fixed. As I recall this happened in FMM19 too
  4. Any ideas when the winter update will be released. Been released on FM18 and touch.
  5. nice work, noticed Joe Hart is not at west ham thou.
  6. seem too be an issue with the england solo file as it wont let me load challenge mode on my phone, I get to load as much as the screen shot below then it stops
  7. Since updating I'm unable to play challenge mode, any ideas please. I added both the updates for England as per instructions, now when I try to load the challenge mode, I can pick the challenge, input my name and nationality and then it sticks loading
  8. Thanks Dec, helpful as ever..... graphics seem to be working ok, although it shows it going to be 4 hours to add photos of the players so I've given up on that, well there is over 20k lol. just having issues with the unofficial transfer update file. added to to where it says but not showing. I have commented on the page on here to see if I can get help with it, funny really but shows to add into the datebase folder, so have done...however there are 4 files call "and_changes" so not sure if I need to remove these or not, time will tell... Thanks again mate.
  9. Followed the above but updates not showing. Having put the file named "changes" in the data folder I have noticed that there are files called "and_changes" there's 4 altogether. Do I need to delete these to enable it to work so there is only one "changes" file?
  10. hi all, I've just bought a Galaxy S7 edge and downloaded FMM16 (bargain at just over £2).. Anyway wanting to download the skins, logos, player faces etc... wondering if I can get someone to point me in the right direction where to start and how to find the folders to put the files in to work. any help would be awesome
  11. removed logos and all is good now, think I'll leave them off for now, thanks to all that helped
  12. I've added badges. this could be the issue maybe? Downloaded from fmhvibe I'll remove see if this resolves thanks @halamadrid
  13. Thanks Risheek, hope @Dec or @Alari can help. I have it downloaded on my Iphone 6 too seems fine on this. I'll try deleting and re installing see if this helps. only a few games in so not losing anything.
  14. Hi guys, my fmm16 keeps crashing when I go to player search screen for the transfer market. I'm on iPad 4th gen and only 4 games in. I can go to other parts of the menu fine and play games. Tried resetting and hard reboot but still doing it. Anyone else having issues or know how to kid please. Thanks in advance