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  1. Its been an issue Ive had with the game for since the last release - regens are highly likely to come back with very low stamina or teamwork. You get a few years into the game and its very hard to find a player who doesnt have this affliction
  2. Teamwork is linked to workrate so if its low it could be an indication they are lazy rather than just selfish
  3. It would depend on position. Most CBs will mature later ie would be 28-30 before being considered at their peak. Whereas strikers etc would prob peak around 25-27. Similarly GK peak later too.
  4. I should add that another thing I liked about the game is that you get in-app "points". You can choose to assign these points to different areas eg put them into things like advertising to get more money for transfers or into creating a stadium that ends up intimidating visiting teams (which has an effect on game performance) or into training etc. Does allow for a game that feels more unique and gives you a target to aim for. But challenges looks like they would be tricky since the game is poor at tracking how players, coaches do
  5. Ive played SM18 because my son was into it (and I couldnt get him interested in FMM) but only for a couple of months so take this with a grain of salt. I like some of the things it has to offer eg i think that what Ive seen of its regen system is better. Players are generated completely new with a mix of skills and positions. I havent played it long enough to tell but it looks like retiring players dont come back. But things like tactics are limited to preset formations and matches look like they are pre-canned eg if you replay a match, players get injured at same time, goals get scored at same time etc. Though it does respond to tactical changes in match. You can play without buying things - progress is just slower. The training system is different, you choose 4 skills that you want the players to improve in and thats it (though you can change them week to week). So if you choose to concentrate on passing then all players are given option to improve in that area (but only a limited subset will actually grow in that ability). Its does give you a sense that each player is uniquely benefiting from your coaching but its frustrating that you can only concentrate on certain areas each week. So Id call it a cut down version of FMM with each product frustrating in different areas but FMM offering a lot more functionality.
  6. Id like the evogen system fixed up. Hate how once you get 5+ years into the games all you can see is a list of crocked or lazy youngsters. I like seeing players develop - maybe Im too much of a coach and not enough of a manager. If its supposed to be about making it harder to spot Messi regens then make their initial stats lower, change their position or nationality etc
  7. phila

    Mauro Icardi?

    Icardi is vilified in Argentina by a lot of people - in part its due to him having sex with the wife of a team mate who also happens to be Argentinian. Maradona has been having a running feud with him ever since. He also has the habit of shooting off his mouth and has offended a number of fans as a result. I suspect the game might actually be taking this into account when determining if he is selected or not
  8. I love the idea of dusting off old databases. In fact Ive been advocating that for years. Im still in 2 minds about buying 2019 but would def do so if this was a feature.
  9. If they add the Greek league, will they also add random events such as club bosses invading the pitch carrying a gun leading to the club being penalised? eg demoted, transfer banned etc. That would certainly add a new dimension to play.
  10. Roma got rid of Radja for Nicolo Zaniolo so Monchi must really rate him
  11. Is that a role specially created for players like Pepe? Likes to pretend he is hard but flops like a dying fish if you look at him sideways?
  12. phila

    Fiete Arp 1k at Benfica - Complete.

    Well done mate - great effort
  13. Im guessing a few of the challenges involve people with realllly bad fashion sense? Which suggests they will involve Pogba?
  14. Partied too hard after the world cup so came back unfit - got injured, recovered sort of, got injured again, earned a reputation for not working hard enough, couldnt get a gig at Bayern, lost confidence - its a vicious circle.
  15. phila

    Searching top bargains

    Miguel Luis will cost you 1mill (maybe less because you are Auxerre). Check my iScout on him