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  1. This actually gave me motivation to start a career with TNS. Can't wait for the Porto one!
  2. TNS, definitely. Too many FCP careers already
  3. This is brilliant. Love seeing how FMHVibe constantly outdoing itself
  4. A brilliant career and an interesting one as well. Great job
  5. Get me signed up! Haven't been playing for ages, I would pick number 10 please
  6. Finally reached to a conclusion on why Rooney should play CAM instead of ST hahaha
  7. He lost his striking touch. He do not get enough support or get the ball when he is playing Striker. That's why he's always been going out of position in real life for the ball.
  8. I'm active oooops. Was so busy for my exams. So So sorry. Can I get a free pack please
  9. Manchester stated that they sent in at 11.59 but Real Madrid stated that they gave them a different document format so this is confusing. Anyway Fifa is reviewing this.
  10. The draft in MLS is madness. Made me give up my save on FM cause I had no idea how the process was.
  11. I was stuck between more playable leagues and bigger database.But I decided to go on the former as I just want to see more players been added in the game so that in any save you play, there would not be any players specific to only one save. I am also intrigued in playing the under 21 teams as by using this, this can actually develop players unlike the current reserves system we are using.
  12. Hurt: Januzaj (1) Heal: Juan Iturbe (5)