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  1. And... will you share your tactics? Please sir ?
  2. Thanks!!! Big fan of your tactics, hope this one to be "the one" for 2017 ?
  3. Same problem here viewing the pics. Eager to test it, can you just say the positions roles and instructions ??? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've tried a lot of tactics on this forum, but every time I come running back to this, it's the one that always gives me the best results, congratulations on Taff for making this tactic!! Just a quick question Taff, what is the current setup you consider the most effective, the original with BBM and TM or the DLM version? Thanks!
  5. Hi Taff, Amazing tactic, smashing all the top teams playing with Benfica, but struggling hard against smaller teams. Tried the WM option but the result is the same, a lot of draws. Do you have any other suggestion? Keep up the good work ?
  6. That's a fact, no matter the tactic a clean sheet is like the loch ness monster...
  7. Not everyone knows every tactic posted, not everyone has time to go though all of the forums searching for all the tactics, and yes, sometimes two different persons have the same idea. The way it should be done is to PM the creator of the tactic, point that the tactic is not original and ask him to give the credits on the original post. If that fails the moderator has the power to close the post. Keep it clean, this conversations in the tactics forum only keep people way, we should be focus on the tactics, this should be fun right?
  8. @leecutler thanks for the tactic in 2015, some of the most enjoyable moments on the game! @aaronbez thanks for bringing it back for 2016 and make us remember this great tactic. Now guys, no one is taking credit for the other, so kiss, make up and concentrate on giving us the "tactical dummies" the great tactics we find here ?
  9. xWilemannnn, thanks for the tactic and congratulations on the great season. Looking forward to test it as soon as I have time! For all the "complainers out there", well... Stop being so picky, this guys take the time to share something they could keep for themselves, they deserve compliments, not criticism because "looks like what someone did some years ago".
  10. The issue here is "bug free" vs "time to market", I believe that SI should consider meet half way. For several years I buy the game and even some unlockables, this waiting time drives me crazy, and I think that SI should reschedule the releases for a month. They know the time they need and I believe they do the best they can, but. Well, nevertheless this is a talk between us guys, for the people that matter the only thing important is that when the game is available we pay the $$$ and be happy with a "it will be before Christmas"
  11. Well, it's just me or this way of releasing the new versions is just ridiculous? It's November, probably the FMM 16 will only be released next month... Come on guys, this is the best game of this type, we don't really have "competition" so to speak, but all the other games of this type are already available for months. Make us wait all this time after all the main leagues started is something that I really don't understand...
  12. First of all congratulations on the challenge! Just a quick question, original or enhanced match engine?
  13. Looks dam Perfect!! Can you share the tactic and instructions Please!!