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  1. FMM Experiments: One at the back? As a football fan, you would always want to be entertain while watching a game of football. Watching your team sit back in their own half for 90 minutes certainly wouldn't get you on the edge of your seat and being a United fan, i can certainly vouch for that. This got me thinking- What if the beautiful game was played with only one defender at the back? And here's what I decided to do, run a save with Barcelona on FMM19, playing with only one defender throughout the season and see just how well they would do. Here are the results. Here are the list of unlockables I used for the save Sugar Daddy ✔️ Abolish Transfer Windows ❌ Remove Loan Restrictions ✔️ Become Unsackable ✔️ NOTE: I made use of the "Holiday" function to simulate through the season. The Formation Transfers League Table Spanish Super Cup Spanish Cup Champions League As you can see from the screenshots, playing one at the back gets you undefeated in the league and win all the cup competitions you are in. Final Verdict: I am more of a tactical genius as compared to Jose Mourinho, hmu Glazers!
  2. Davis Cheah

    FMH2016 Feature Wishlist

    Transfer deadline day. Someone has brought this up before alrd but i shall say it again. It is one of the most exciting days in football but in fmh, it is over within 2-3 clicks. I personally feel they should make it more exciting lile the hourly timer in FIFA or even something bigger
  3. Davis Cheah

    Fifa 16 New features

    Ive seen E3 footage on PES 16 and I have to say they look much better than the FIFA ones! It will be a hard choice on which to buy next year. But if i have the money both definitely!
  4. Davis Cheah

    Son Don't Let It Slip Away

    @DSW Thanks! And yes I know it's Federico but since the font i was using could not fit in "Federico Macheda in a single line, I thought that i could use Kiko instead, same as Alexandre Pato. @LordArco Thank you for your feedback, changed it to domestic player of the year instead! @Ashez yes it is kinda open ended but whether a player can be used would be determined by me and all the other FMHVibers. Edit: Added in Rodwell, Gourcuff, Drenthe, Diaby and Giovanni Dos Santos
  5. Ever heard of tags such as being the 'new Messi/Roanldo'? These players were once classified as 'Wonderkids' but never seemed to make wonders in their respective careers. Have they crumbled under the pressure? We'll never know. But one question lies, can YOU revive their career? Would you be the one he is thanking when he receives his Ballon d'or? Dubbed as the new Messi, aged just 17 years old, he scored the winning goal against Schalke in 2008. Ever since, under performing and injuries have troubled this Serbian wonderkid. From playing alongside Messi and Iniesta at Camp Nou to leading the frontline at Britannia with Peter Crouch and Charlie Adam beside him. Can you revive his career? Club: Stoke City Position: Foward/Attacking Midfielder Age:23 Value: 6 Million Again another youngster who was destined for big things but failed to deliver. Having scored a dramatic late winner against Premier League team Aston Villa at the age of 17, Kiko was one of the brightest gems in Manchester United. The 23 year old Macheda has been reduced to playing for Championship side Cardiff City and has struggled there, following disappointing loan spells at Stuttgart and QPR. Club: Cardiff Position: Striker Age: 23 Value: 2.7 Million Everything seemed hopeful for a young Pato at AC Milan, but serious injuries forced him to be sidelined for months. Even after recovering, he struggled to find a starting spot at the San Siro. He was later sold back to his country, to Corinthians. Even then he struggled. He was even described as "Corinthians's worst signing ever" by a Brazilian Journalist. Club: Corinthians Position: Striker Age: 25 Value: 6.75 Million Another Manchester United failed prodigy.*Cries* Not included in LVG's future plans, Anderson has been shown the exit door at United. Injury and a lack of form overshadowed his bright career and yeah lets be honest, he's one of the worst players in the EPL. Club: Manchester United Position: Midfielder Age: 26 Value: 3.2 Million Deemed by many as one of the brightest gems Everton has produced after Wayne Rooney. At the summer transfer window of 2012, MAn city announced the signing of Rodwell for 12 Million, where he only managed 16 appearances throughout 2 injury plagued years and banging in 2. He now finds himself playing at Sunderland, where he is no longer his former self. Club: Sunderland Position: Midfielder Age: 23 Value: 6.5 Million Poised as Zinedine Zidane's successor in his days at Bordeaux, where he helped them win the Ligue 1 in 2009, he never looked liked the same player ever since joining Lyon for 19 Million in 2010. Many said injuries slowed him down, some even said Ribery shattered his confidence after a disappointing 2010 World Cup. Lyon has been trying to dispose him of late and the future of Yoan Gourcuff seems dark. Club: Olympique Lyonnais Position: Midfielder Age: 27 Value: 6 Million Many though he would be a superstar after an impressive 2007 U-21 UEFA Championship, including Real Madrid. The Spanish club signed him up form Feyenoord in 2007 for a reported 10 Million. He struggled to do anything right during his 6 years at the club, managing just 46 caps and 2 goals. This talented winger now finds himself with Championship side Sheffield Wednesday on loan from Reading. Nobody knows what happened to this talented winger who was destined for big things, but ended up with nothing but shame. Club: Sheffield Wednesday Position: Winger Age: 27 Value: 1.9 Million Brought in by Arsene Wenger back in 2005 thinking that he might be a replacement for captain Patrick Viera, he turned out to be nothing but a injury prone bench warmer. He suffered 42 injuries throughout his Arsenal years, spending 226 weeks out, that is equivalent to more than 4 years out injured! Club: Arsenal Position: Midfielder Age: 28 Value: 6.75 Million Another La Masia graduate. Together with his brother, Johnathan they both join Barcelona in 2002. He was hyped to be the next big things based on his performances with the Mexico U-17s and U-20s, winning the Silver Ball in the U-17 World cup, behind another flop, Anderson(See Above). However, his performances with Barcelona were sub-par and was sold to Spurs for 5 Million. He now plays an important part in the Villarreal side and did pretty well in his first season at the club, finishing with 11 goals and 8 assists. But we are all aware that is he capable of bigger things. Club: Villarreal Position: Attacking Midfielder/ Foward Age: 25 Value: 10.25 Million The Challenge 2 Domestic Titles 3 Domestic Cups 1 Continental Cup 1 Domestic POTY Use one or more of this players to complete the challenge! Remember, no cheating! Suggest how i could improve this challenge and more players I can add! Thank you for reading, and happy FMHing!
  6. Davis Cheah

    [Update] FMH 2015 Pre Editor v1.0.2

    I loaded Englandsolo, transferred Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal to United, copied it back to my phone, but it is not working, what am I doing wrongly?
  7. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    Name: Raul Goni Club(FMH 15): Free Agent DOB: 12 Oct 1998(26 Years Old) Playing Position(s): Centre Back Height: 1.86M(6 ft 1 in) Player Card Notable 17 tackling,18 positioning and 16 strength as well! Statistics 5 assists for a centre back! Pretty impressive! And also averaging of almost an 8 Avg rating per game! Rating 1/5- Trash 2/5- Meh 3/5- Still Alright 4/5- Worth Buying 5/5- World Class 2/5 for him 1. Not really special 2. Free 3. Solid at the back And with that, i would leave it here, remember to leave your suggestions, drop a like if you enjoyed this edition of cheap beasts. And until the next one, peace. I've thought of a new idea for this series and I wanna share it with you guys! What i'm thinkin is that i'll find Cheap Beasts from each country and feature the best 4-5 that I've found how does this sound? And a small little teaser for the next cheap beast guesses? ^_^ No googling!
  8. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    Nice one @Devesh spot on These teasers seem to be very easy hmmm
  9. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    And a small little teaser for the next cheap beast guesses? ^_^
  10. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    A short intro to today's star- Ezequiel Played through the ranks of Spanish side Real Betis And eventually making his senior debut in 2010 as a substitute. After a series of unsuccessful loan spells, Betis released him this summer, making him yet another free signing in FMH! Player Card Before After Some insane stats for a free agent! Statistics Although not as great compared to Keko, they are still some pretty pleasing figures! Rating 1/5- Trash 2/5- Meh 3/5- Still Alright 4/5- Worth Buying 5/5- World Class A 3/5 for Ezequiel would be fair 1.Free 2.Able to play in multiple positions 3.Assists king And with that, i would leave it here, remember to leave your suggestions, drop a like if you enjoyed this edition of cheap beasts. And until the next one, peace.
  11. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    Spot on! Nice one guys! @M1ke @Ash New posts to be up in about an hours time stay tuned! Thanks Carlos! Really appreciate that! People like you are one of the main reasons why im still here! Thanks again!
  12. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    The player getting featured next! Any guesses? Hint: He's a free agent too!
  13. Davis Cheah

    FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    Thanks! @Ash @Dec @JustM1ke I will try to post another one by the next 24 hours or so stay tuned!
  14. Davis Cheah

    2015 FMH 15 Cheap Beasts!

    HELLO and a very warm welcome to cheap beasts! Well last year in FMH 2014, This happened... This has to be one of the one of the most encouraging sights in life- as many as 21,221 people from all walks of life viewed my work, yes! MY work! Not only that, the thread managed to get the "HOT" tag beside it and what an achievement it was! And if you would like to take a look at it, click here A very huge thank you for all that FMHVibe has done! And..... After a huge break away from FMH due to my exams, and now that they are done, I'm back! Without further adieu, lets get started! So the other day, I was really bored at home, picked my phone up, got to playing FMH and decided to start a new kind of 'road to glory' career. I stumbled upon a particular Spanish side in the Segunda Division named Racing Santander and the following picture shows the club's budget at the start of the career Yup that was how little it was. And so, I resorted to some free agents, and allow me to share one of the free gems to you. And for nay of you here thinking that free agents are trash, this might prove you wrongly. A short intro on Keko Starting off his career at Atletico Madrid, Keko was once dubbed as one of Spain's most exciting young talents. But slowly faded out along the way. He was even once reportedly pursued by English side Arsenal back in 2009. Keko now plays his trade at Albacete- La Liga's newly promoted side. Player Card Before After You must be thinking- Meh. Wait till you see the statistics! Statistics 21 goals in 42 league games really isn't too bad for someone playing in the right wing! Not only goals, but assists as well! Rating I'm introducing a rating system, where you guys can view how highly i rate these cheap beats! 1/5- Trash 2/5- Meh 3/5- Still Alright 4/5- Worth Buying 5/5- World Class And for Keko, I'm gonna give him a 4/5, because of the following reasons 1. Goals 2. Assists 3.Free And with that, i would leave it here, remember to leave your suggestions, drop a like if you enjoyed this edition of cheap beasts. And until the next one, peace.
  15. Any training regime for old players?(32++)