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  1. huzaifaaziz

    Swansea save game

    yeah he is
  2. huzaifaaziz

    Swansea save game

    yeah m.jacko was of my youth if you look in his history .
  3. huzaifaaziz

    Swansea save game

    he is in Swansea by the name of Raul Carlos.he may be on loan
  4. huzaifaaziz

    [Release] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    Very nice .. (y) downloaded will try it soon ..
  5. huzaifaaziz

    My Next Skin

    Thanks man
  6. huzaifaaziz

    My Next Skin

    The biggest problem I currently have is time. I'm at school and so some requests I either miss or forget (which is what happened in your case) I'm sorry if this offended you but I am trying to provide skins that everyone can use. Now what size was it? I dont know man, I am playing it on HTC desire its wvga
  7. huzaifaaziz

    My Next Skin

    I told you this when you were trying to make themea and you said that I will make it ;(
  8. huzaifaaziz

    My Next Skin

    Swansea theme
  9. huzaifaaziz

    FMH 2014 Pre Editor

    Thanks a lot mate
  10. I will be managing swansea beacause I like swansea