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  1. Some of these new features or design things I couldn't care less about. Why'd they change the news layout?
  2. Who's idea was it to swap them? It's driving me crazy. 🤣
  3. There's been a few things changed that I'm not sure were necessary or UX-beneficial. The news section not in a list-outlay...the 'pick team' button not in the middle anymore, and when you have to click yes or no on a question the yes is now the right-button instead of left. It's like the game isn't as intuitive for your left hand anymore. (this sounds weird lmao)
  4. I'm just wondering if 2 IF's isn't a bit too much? Wouldn't they drift in the same spaces as the AP?
  5. The sheer entitlement in his post is quite something.
  6. Yeah, is there a way to turn it back to a list-outlay?
  7. I agree with those saying the game should be as accessible as possible. I play FMM because it's quick and easy. If I wanted lots of features, I'd play the PC-version. I care more about the player updates anyway. I'd be perfectly willing to have the same features every year and just pay for the database updates.
  8. I tried to holiday through an away game at Blackburn with Wolves. Took me 50 times to fecking beat them finally, lmao. Is that normal?
  9. Can't emphasize rotation enough. It has really helped me a lot in FMM18.
  10. Ah yes, the demoting thing. Would love to get that fixed.
  11. Can you scroll down with your finger? (instead of a bar on the right I mean)