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  1. Giorgi

    FMM18 Bug List

    What about interested players not being interested at all? It kinda messes up the search results.
  2. Giorgi

    FMM18 Bug List

    I don't see any youth coaches either in my saves, both interested/uninterested.
  3. Giorgi

    FMM18 Bug List

    I run 1 league only with no expanded divisions on a Galaxy S7 which should still be a powerful enough phone to play the game fluidly. Moving between tabs is a bit slower than FMM17 like I said. It's not annoying, I mean I can play the game quick enough to get joy out of it, I was just wondering if others experience the same game speed as FMM17.
  4. Giorgi

    FMM18 Bug List

    Not a bug but is anyone else experiencing a slower game speed? For example, switching tabs is taking like half a sec longer etc?
  5. Giorgi

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    Lol I was having a huge brainfart. I kept testing single club logos without adding the config.xml. After adding the config.xml the logos obviously worked. They also show up in my normal photo gallery but I see you're working on that fix.
  6. Giorgi

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    Ah cheers, this is the first time I've heard about using a config.xml file. I'll look it up.
  7. Giorgi

    Update 9.0.3

    Yeah! I was experiencing the same stuff with holidaying. That's an awesome fix for me too.
  8. Giorgi

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    Alright...what config file are we talking about?
  9. Giorgi

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    I made this directory: "Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2018/normal/graphics/logos directory" For the sake of testing I made a 'clubs' folder there and copied the Leverkusen logo. Didn't show up in FMM18. Then I tried this directory: "Android>data>FMM18>files>installed>graphics>pictures>logos>normal" Didn't work either, by the way the "normal" folder also has a "clubs" folder in it with several country-named folders?
  10. It's one of the reasons I prefer Android. It's just so easy to do this in Android.
  11. Giorgi

    FMM18 General Discussion

    Ah cheers, it'd be nice if that gets fixed.
  12. Giorgi

    FMM18 Battery Drain!

    Mine seemed to drain a little bit faster compared to FMM17. If for example playing FMM17 for 1 hour took 20% off my battery it's now between 20 and 25% with FMM18. (Samsung Galaxy S7)
  13. Giorgi

    FMM18 General Discussion

    FMM18 is significantly slower on my S7 than FMM17, mostly in switching tabs. It feels like it takes half a second extra to switch tabs which is annoying because I'm used to using my fingers rather quickly when playing FMM17. I was never the kind of guy who wanted lots of extra features though, FMM is supposed to be a quick pocket game but now the extra complexity of the game is taking a toll on its game speed IMO. EDIT: I play with 1 league only every save.
  14. Giorgi

    2017 Tactic Kits

    I wonder if SI can recode the game so that kits aren't fixed as in you get the kits of the club you're actually managing. Would be pretty awesome.
  15. Giorgi

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    - More in-depth stats? Goals/assists per minutes? - 5 coaches instead of 4?