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  1. callum

    Long time, no talk

    I might get FMHi if I get an iPad or iPhone, or i might go back to FMH but not this years.
  2. callum

    Off Topic Long time, no talk

    Hey guys, its been a long time, i know, im not really a FMH player now, i play the PC version now.
  3. callum

    FMHVibe logo vote

    Hmm... A close one but I prefere the 2nd one.
  4. Have'nt played FMH in a while.
  5. New favourite: Kirby's Adventure Wii Least Favourite part (If I had to chose): Extra Mode
  6. Awww . Then just the English club thing.
  7. What would happen if Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were at English clubs and were English?
  8. callum

    Sign up form

    General information Forum name: callum Real name: Callum Laking Nationality: English Year of birth: 1996 Footed: Left Preferred position: GK Secondary position: N/A Stat information Mental: Aggression, Creativity, Decisions, Leadership, Movement, Positioning, Teamwork Physical: Pace, Stamina, Strength Aerial, Agility, Communication, Handling, Kicking, Reflexes, Throwing
  9. callum

    Hi Guys!

    Welcome to Vibe .
  10. I'm getting Mario Kart 7 for christmas. So exited .
  11. callum

    PSP or iOS?

    I've never tried ioS so PSP.
  12. callum

    Your favourite ever player

    Well... I don't really have a favourite player yet.
  13. callum

    Your favourite ever player

    He is a promoted youth player in the 2011/2012 football season in :fmh2011: and he is a regen (as sam said ) and he is a Forward who scored over 70 goals in my first season with him .