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  1. glajmate

    Standard Cut-Out Faces Megapack

    Hi guys! I'm copying the faces to my phone and i've read that it takes a long, long time... But is it normal that it's like that after nearly 2 hours?
  2. Looks interesting! How about concending with good defense?
  3. glajmate

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    Thank to you now i feel much more ashamed. The plaster method sounds great but this time i may miss it out... The reason i wanted to use it is that i have a career mode with Cardiff city and it took me a bit long of time to realise my youth academy won't generate me english players but welsh ones... So i had to quit managing the England NT. My problem was that i kept recieving very good welsh youngsters but it never happened that Ryan Giggs was sacked from the welsh nt... I waited for 4 seasons but i fed up yesterday and sacked him with my IGE... I'm not saying that i regret it because i have at least 7-8 players with 4-5 star PA, i'm just afraid that i will ruin my whole game with some crazy edits if i'm angry or something...
  4. glajmate

    FMM19: In Game Editor Guide

    Hi Guys! I've bought in game editor. My main problem is that if i use it, i can't switch it off which is so annoying because i use it for one thing i don't even want to use it anymore in my save because of it ruins the whole game this way. Please tell me that there is a way to ged rid of it once i used it...😥
  5. What do you mean converting (in my case 259) to hex? How should i do that?
  6. Guys, I can't even find my date of birth... 😂😂😂
  7. Congrats! I've also met this contract issue with Mbappé and it's making me mad... what i'd like to ask from is how the bloody hell could you score 150 goals?? The most i could score with Mbappe and Kane is 50 at max...
  8. glajmate

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Looking forward to it, man!!
  9. glajmate

    Mareno Amazing #2 EME 4-2-3-1

    Well, you've done it again! I used your first tactic and another one with cardiff city. I have to say first of all i had sugar daddy so i bought good players from the first season. I tent to win some cups before, once i won nearly everything. But last season i changed to just this tactic... Since then: -won everything -concended !!!12!!!! goals in the league in the whole season... And scored a lot. -now i'm unbeaten for 80!! matches... So since i'm using this tactic Thanks again man, you're a genius!
  10. Hi Guys! I was wondering if there is a possibility to make it show me all the players with a second nationality? Because I'm with england national team and i'd like to find players who has english as a seond one. Thanks in advance!
  11. glajmate

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    I don't know man... As you can see it's 2024. Maybe opponents got weakened and I kept on developing youngsters while i always tried to have match-decider players like Fekir. For example PSG is no longer a world class team in my save. They made silly transfers and they are just good but that's all... On the other hand sometimes when I felt that I already scored enough i switched back to a more defensive formation (i recommend you using Murton's tactic in this case).
  12. glajmate

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    After one season i have to say that you did a good job, mate! I won everything, i only was defeated in a champions league knockout stage game but after i kicked their... These stats speak for themeselves...
  13. glajmate

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    I'm using it with saint etienne but what i notice is that i concende a lots of goals as well... Is there any way to make it defensive if i scored enough? For example it happens that i score 6 in one half but in the second the opponent scores 4 or 5...
  14. glajmate

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    Thanks mate, good tactics! I only played one game but it's promising!
  15. glajmate

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hi all! I've bought son of manager unlockable for the second time, but after a half season nothing happened. Is it a bug or i did something wrong?