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  1. Brilliant write up, as always! Great picks too!
  2. Thanks, I'm glad you find it useful. Being able to snatch up a wonderkid for under 1M on the first season is an extreme rarity. Managing to attract such a player in lower leagues is quite difficult as well. Frankly, your best bet would be to try and get some of these players on loan; that'd be the more likely scenario.
  3. Quick update: I'll be looking to revise my list during the next weekend, just in case there are some players I might have missed. If you have spotted any such players, please post a reply with your findings. Thanks for 30,000 views!
  4. Chat Attributes Vs Role Traits

    Traits are preferred moves renamed. I'm guessing the green color depends on which position you play him. For example, "marks opponents tightly" is not something full backs really do, but it's a must for centre-backs (hence the green at the DC spot).
  5. Photobucket is bad, avoid at all costs. What he said.
  6. I'm using FM Shots which I had to set up after imgur blocked FM Scout for excessive bandwidth usage. I'd say it's as easy to use as imgur, except it requires a free member account. Having your uploaded images organized in albums the way you want, which enables you to easily find older material.
  7. A few interesting options available. Not personally a fan of managing national teams, but I can see some challenging scenarios for sure. Nice work @FuddledFox!
  8. Chat Worst Players On FMM18

    Finnish NT must be really running out of talent to bring this guy in 5 times while he's still aged 17...
  9. Benfica is full of talented youth, that's for sure. Thanks!
  10. Hmm, he should have been on my list. I had him on the preliminary version, somehow he was removed (guessing due to age error). Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've now added him on the list. He's on -85 PA, so still pretty good. Happy to know my list is helpful. Let us know which ones you manage to sign and how they do for your team(s).
  11. Holy Smokes! That is REALLY in-depth and astonishing. Excellent work @Taff & @FuddledFox!!
  12. Should be the same player though [source]. Seems FMM18 history/contract data might be outdated on this one. Either way, there's no player with that name with a better PA than 102-103. I'm glad you find it useful. I'd say my recommended 4-nation set up for having the most wonderkids loaded would be England, Spain, France and Portugal. Though there's a risk of missing out on some great Italian wonderkids, so perhaps switch Portugal for Italy.
  13. I'm afraid Jordan Brown (the striker who starts at Hannover) has a Potential Ability of 102, which means he can't qualify for this list.
  14. FM18 Pre-Game Editor. FMM18 shares the same database with FM18, except it's like 1/15 smaller overall; though most FM18 wonderkids can be found on FMM18.
  15. I know the PA values for the players, but frankly the difference between 4.5 and 5 stars isn't so significant. I feel that the assessment with PA stars is easier to understand for most people. Thanks I couldn't find those 2 despite loading England and Spain, so I'm guessing they're not included in the FMM18 database. Were you able to find them in your save(s)?