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  1. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Recent homepage changes are all coded by @Putzy, he's doing a great job! I only provided him with static mockups and ideas after having certain chocolate snacks More ideas are lined up for further enhancements in the coming days/weeks.
  2. We're looking for consistent social media managers to handle Vibe's social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page currently has no editor and has been idle for over a month, so we want to change that asap. If you have experience with managing Facebook pages and you're passionate about engaging with other FMM fans, message me to declare interest. Preferably, we'd want you involved with both our Facebook and Twitter profiles. The social media manager role is important because essentially you're representing the Vibe community.
  3. Vibe Site Upgrade

    There are no major UI changes at this point, we're working on unleashing some of them later today. Further refinements will follow in the next few weeks. Yes, it's safe to be posting stuff. Whatever mistakes happened in the past is highly unlikely to happen again
  4. Football Manager Mobile 2017 is now 66% off for iOS, Android and Amazon devices until 7am BST on July 29th. APPLE APP STORE | GOOGLE PLAY | AMAZON
  5. Help FM data

    Depends on what kind of data and how you'd want to search for them. Why would you need player details to create new leagues though?
  6. Other Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    That makes no sense. Is that what you get when you open the changes.txt file? Because I just downloaded and opened, and I can assure you the file is fine. We've tried 4 different browsers and 3 different devices, all seems to work as intended.
  7. Other Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    Looks like you uploaded a screenshot of this page's source code; not really sure why, but that's not helpful to pinpoint the potential issue. Can you share a screenshot showcasing the actual error you're getting? The download module hasn't changed one bit compared to the "old vibe.community". In fact, we haven't made any technical changes in general; we just switched to a new domain name and re-branded to FMM Vibe.
  8. Chat No comments No careers

    Agreed. The sense of community needs to be reignited. I have certain ideas that could potentially boost activity in terms of getting more posts from our members. I've jotted down almost a dozen and will be talking to some of you in private to discuss them and others that you may have.
  9. Vibe Server Move + Update

    @veerus I've heard back from the ad agency. And I quote: "There was an issue with a US ad that we had yesterday, it was fixed." If you encounter this again, please let me know.
  10. Vibe Server Move + Update

    That doesn't seem normal at all; that particular ad format should only appear once a day. I've already messaged the ad agency to investigate and sort it out asap. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  11. Vibe What happend to Kaka?

    Dec had plans to expand the community and bring more games under the Vibe umbrella, hence the choice for a logo that had no relation to FM. Nothing wrong with that. Personally I wish to keep Vibe solely dedicated to the FMM franchise, so I felt we needed a different logo with a direct connection to the game. The Vibe name will remain intact, the color scheme is fine as well. As Putzy said, if we see an opportunity to make use of the parrot (possibly as a mascot feature) we'll take it.
  12. Solid piece, topical subject. Well done mate!
  13. Vibe Server Move + Update

    I just wish to add that the main reason for migrating to a new server was growth potential. The previous server barely had 2 weeks until exceeding the available space and getting us into trouble. In that context, this move was necessary. Many thanks to @Putzy for being instrumental with all the technicalities involved!
  14. Help The Switch

    That's true. I agree, and not just myself. FM Touch has risen in popular for a good reason I recommend giving the FM Touch demo a spin as well. Should you choose to grab the game from fmscout store, the activation code will unlock both the regular FM and FM Touch. Or just solely grab FM Touch off Steam directly to save a few bucks.
  15. Help The Switch

    If you're asking how big in terms of GB required, you'll need 3 GB of space.