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  1. Will likely get it on release day. This is actually going to be my first FMH/FMM.
  2. I enjoyed the article I'm curious though... how did winning "husband of the year" go? From my experience, winning at anything is only temporary until the wife finds something else to complain about The last FM I actually enjoyed a long-term save with was FM12. After that, I'm logging in about a thousands hours each year without really playing; I use it for research purposes in order to compile articles for fmscout. One trend I see is the switch from the full-fat FM to FM Touch, which makes a lot of sense as the latter takes away the most annoying and exhaustive aspects of the game (e.g. repetitive conferences, players constantly moaning at you) and allows you to focus on tactics and squad building.
  3. Vibe Back on Vibe

    Welcome back George. I hope you and the family are well.
  4. Hello I'm Taff

    Nice and interesting intro @Taff. We're happy to have you on the staff team, even if you don't know what you're doing yet By the way, this sub-forum is actually the 1st bullet from my "10+1 ways for a more active forum" manifesto, but oh well; as long as people appreciate this I don't mind who's getting the credit (it has happened again in a couple of occasions). I'll eventually write up a topic here, one of those days...
  5. Help How to buy FMM18 without a card?

    This might help as well:
  6. Help Legends pack for FMM17

    @UKFootballScore It would certainly be underused given the time of year, but if you have enough spare time...
  7. Good mix of players indeed, though 40% EPL and 20% Eredivisie while 0% Ligue 1 and Primeira Liga. Perhaps increasing the number to 15 would make things easier for expanding variety in leagues covered. I agree with @AzmiG26. And with lazy Sunday over, a revision that would involve a few screenshots would make this worthy of the "article" tag.
  8. Quite impressive (age and physical stats), considering he's not even a goalkeeper. Good job as usual mate! Even some world renowned players refuse to retire when it's time, and one could argue most of them end up embarrassing themselves or eventually being forced to retire due to persistent injuries (which is to be expected after a certain age). For example, I thought Rivaldo should have retired after 2011 or even 2012, but he chose to continue until 2015. Honestly I didn't expect he'd carry on after 2008.
  9. Brilliant work mate, another golden piece! Replicating real life tactics is one of the aspects that intrigues me the most in Football Manager. I'm wondering if your defensive plan would have less "holes" if you opted for a combo of Regista and Anchorman or Regista and Halfback for your central midfielders. These 3 roles are the most efficient/effective on the defensive end, on regular FM at least.
  10. This could indeed make an interesting series that is likely to turn popular if more articles get delivered consistently. Nicely done @Risheek!
  11. Brilliant write up and solid presentation!
  12. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Recent homepage changes are all coded by @Putzy, he's doing a great job! I only provided him with static mockups and ideas after having certain chocolate snacks More ideas are lined up for further enhancements in the coming days/weeks.
  13. We're looking for consistent social media managers to handle Vibe's social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page currently has no editor and has been idle for over a month, so we want to change that asap. If you have experience with managing Facebook pages and you're passionate about engaging with other FMM fans, message me to declare interest. Preferably, we'd want you involved with both our Facebook and Twitter profiles. The social media manager role is important because essentially you're representing the Vibe community.
  14. Vibe Site Upgrade

    There are no major UI changes at this point, we're working on unleashing some of them later today. Further refinements will follow in the next few weeks. Yes, it's safe to be posting stuff. Whatever mistakes happened in the past is highly unlikely to happen again
  15. Football Manager Mobile 2017 is now 66% off for iOS, Android and Amazon devices until 7am BST on July 29th. APPLE APP STORE | GOOGLE PLAY | AMAZON