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  1. Any sign of Iscout coming out for this year's version?
  2. This tactic has been incredible for me and making game so enjoyable to play. Even the close wins against Chelsea at 2-1 I created over 18 chances and some big wins domestically and in champions league. Thanks
  3. It's early days but I'm trying this out and have won last 4 games in a row with man utd. The amount of chances created in games is 15+ shots so I think with right players into positions this could be a beast of a tactic. Hopefully get to Jan tran window and buy some players
  4. This tactic doesn't really work me and have played about 20 games with man utd. Seem to draw most games or win low whilst always concede. Not convinced so far
  5. Your not very good at picking best team?!
  6. The new updates have not fixed the stamina bug in fact it seems worse. Not only are evogens appearing with stupid stamina but when I find the player and can see they are world class but when I buy them they are suddenly changing to only international ability! The bugs in this game are driving me crazy and makes it impossible to sustain a career and build a team of talented youth coming through the ranks
  7. I have also noticed since update now when I transfer list a player and receive an offer that once I accept this the player is automatically sold without me having the final say
  8. The stamina bug was to with evogens always appearing with world class stats and then stamina and strength in the 3 and 4's
  9. Update has not fixed any bugs for me - still getting ghost bids and stamina bug is ridiculous with evogens
  10. Update has not fixed any bugs for me - still getting ghost bids and stamina bug is ridiculous with evogens
  11. Well aren't you the ding dong! All bow.....
  12. Those players might be world class in Brazil but are they in Portugal? Maybe they need to earn that tag again? I have posted about this before I think it has to be a bug as I have experience with various teams in various leagues even to the point where I have a player who is world class who suddenly drops down to international but is playing every game and top training facilities! It doesn't make any sense
  13. This tactic is by far the best one I have ever used and has made the game immensely enjoyable for me once again. It really makes the game interesting again and gets the best out attacking players. Not only is it a brilliant tactic its one that makes sense and enables you to have and utilise best attacking players in the game and really do score for fun. It certainly isnt easy however as some other people seem to indicate as you still need to ensure you put the correct players in correct positions that also have corrert attributes to fully bring out the best of this tactic. Brilliant tactic, currently AC Milan and won the league first year and Italian cup scoring 109 and only conceding 26. Thanks a lot Piggers5
  14. This is really ruining the game for me at the moment as I am trying to sell players and when offered get multiple offers showing against player yet no offer actually materialises! I have also noticed another worrying bug which is making my players actually become worse rather than improve ability. I have purchased alba from Barcelona who has gone from being world class ability to international as well as Di Maria now What is causing is thi? I am Man Utd
  15. I am Real Madrid and makes no sense why if buy a player for example Bernat at left back who was world class when purchased but soon after goes to international ability but is playing regularly Sorry I am actually Valencia in this example
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